Prayers for coming election requested

Jossy ChackoJossy Chacko is Founder and President of Empart, the Croydon, Victoria based missions organisation that is effectively reaching thousands of souls in India and Nepal, founding churches and training and equipping men and women to become effective agents of transformation. He writes:

Jesus is able to work miracles and achieve so much more than we can ask or imagine! I want to draw attention to the current elections in India and request readers’ prayers.

The 2014 general election is the biggest democratic exercise in the world’s history! Taking place over a period of five weeks, the result is expected to be announced on May16. This election is especially significant for Christian ministries because, if the present predictions are true, we will soon have a Hindu right wing party (BJP) in power.

India parliament election 2014

Mr Modi is the BJP prime ministerial candidate, a man whose name is tainted by (among other things) accusations that he encouraged or turned a blind eye to the 2002 communal riots in Gujarat, the state he has governed for the past 13 years. More than 1,000 people, most of them Muslims, were killed during those riots.

India -election 2014  troubleMeanwhile, the present ruling party, Congress, has lost the confidence and trust of the middle class as the rich are getting richer and the poor becoming poorer. Corruption and criminal elements exist overtly from national political leaders right down to the grass roots politicians. One Congress leader admitted that ‘less than 10% of any approved funds ever reach the destination.’ At the same time, the economic growth in China has magnified the economic failure in India, leaving most Indians disappointed and disillusioned with the government.

However, here’s a great encouraging quote and request from one brave Indian leader: ‘No matter who comes into power our job and the challenges don’t change – no matter what the situation, we are commanded to preach the gospel and make disciples. So, pray that God will give us the wisdom to obey him, even if that means losing our lives. Ask everyone to pray that we can be strong and courageous like the early church. Ask everyone to stand with us and not abandon us. With God’s help, and your prayers, we will reach everyone with the good news of Jesus because it is not an option for us.’

This election is unique and critical for the nation and also for Empart. We thank God for you for everyone who supports us and stands with us in prayer. For more information: info AT empart.org

Note: Due to heightened security measures, names in Empart news are changed to minimise the risk of persecution.

Prayer requested for the Peacemakers

RLPB’s Elizabeth Kendal reports:

Central African Republic (CAR) is trapped in violence. While rogue anti- Muslim militias known as ‘anti-balaka’ are driving Muslims out of Bangui, ex-Seleka Islamic rebels continue to terrorise the centre and north-west.

On  April 26 ex-Seleka militants massacred 16 people (including three staff) at a medical clinic in north-west CAR. In the past week some 100 people have been killed across dozens of villages in the north-west close to the border with Chad. The killers, who were said to speak Arabic and Fulani, committed appalling abuses, killing civilians, burning homes and reportedly throwing live children into the fires.

Iranian media are falsely reporting genocide of Muslims, saying that Christians are killing Muslims with impunity. Unless there is peace, the situation will deteriorate significantly. Please pray for CAR and its church.

To view this RLPB with hyperlinks or to access RLPB and RLM archives, visit the Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin blog at rlprayerbulletin.blogspot.com

We suggest that churches and fellowships use the summary above in their worship by people  leading in prayer.

Elizabeth Kendal, author of Turn Back the Battle: Isaiah speaks to Christians today (Deror Books, Dec. 2012), is Director of Advocacy for Christian Faith & Freedom based in Canberra, Australia and an international religious liberty analyst and advocate



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