About This Ministry

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Dr Robert and Pastor Maureen McQuillan’s Life Focus Ministries
is an unsponsored faith-based ministry. Inspirational speakers on the prophetic cutting edge, they’ve ministered locally and internationally at churches, seminars, retreats, counselling, business and leadership sessions and other special occasions.

Regarded as uplifting encouragers, Robert and Maureen sensitively, meaningfully and genuinely move in the gifts of the Spirit, particularly the prophetic, word of knowledge and healing. Their motto is: ‘Life is a gift…so focus on it and live it to the max, whatever the cost or challenge!’

Many, especially those struggling in ministry, appreciate their ‘pastor’s heart’ to willingly and freely mentor. They delight to inspire and challenge churches, ministers, potential leaders and young adults.

Dr Robert and Maureen McQuillan have gained a reputation as gentle but direct insightful encouragers to both churches and individuals. They repeatedly receive thank-yous for their monthly Connecting with You! being ‘spot-on’ and timely. ASSIST News Services (www.assistnews.net ) and GodReports (www.godreports.com) have run a number of their articles. (more…)