GLEANINGS (May 19, 2017):

  • ALBANY, OR – Healing power of prayer
  • GROVE, OK – Forgiveness and healing
  • VIETNAM/ENGLAND – 25 years of caring for orphans
    _____________________________________________________________________________________THE STUNNING SCIENCE BEHIND THE HEALING POWER OF PRAYER
    Dr Don Colbert ( shares good news…Even a mere 30 seconds of prayer, acknowledging God and giving thanks for all the blessings in your life, can have a powerful effect on your body, mind, and spirit.If you have a regular practice of prayer, then you are well aware that benefits are very real and wide-ranging. Many people who engage in these activities report psychological and spiritual benefits such as a sense of greater clarity, purpose, gratitude, presence, sense of connection, and overall well-being. However, these sorts of subjective benefits can be hard to measure scientifically.A beneficial ancient practice
    Interestingly, despite the difficulty in quantifying the spiritual effects of prayer, there have been many studies looking at the physical benefits of this ancient practice. (more…)


GLEANINGS (April 9, 2017):

  • USA/POLAND – Only a young girl, but she sacrificially saved many!
  • GROVE, OK – God always has a plan



Mark Ellis shares yet another good news report …

Irene Gut Opdyke was only a teenager when Hitler’s Panzer divisions overran her beloved Poland, separating the young nursing student from her family, and launching her on a mission a Catholic girl with Aryan features might never have imagined – rescuing Jews from certain death.

‘God blessed my hands to save many lives,’ she said shortly before her passing in 2003. She was honoured by the Israeli Holocaust Commission in 1982 as one of the ‘Righteous Among the Nations,’ a title given to non-Jews who risked their lives by aiding and saving Jews during the Holocaust.

Irene wrote a book about her ordeal, In My Hands (Random House), a riveting tale of heroism and survival under perilous conditions. (more…)


GLEANINGS (March 9, 2017):

  • MELBOURNE – Disturbing slow erosion and silent churches!
  • MIDDLE EAST – Prayer and Christian love in action
  • PERTH – Strenuous stairway to heaven or easy highway to hell?



Erica Grace challenges changing the definition of marriage…

I had just finished writing to my local state and federal Members of Parliament letting them know I was not in favour of changing the definition of marriage to include same sex marriage.

Their answers arrived back and basically they both said the same thing: ‘Changing the definition of marriage will not change your life one iota!’

Oh really? (more…)


GLEANINGS (February 17, 2017):

  • TEN WAYS TO LOVE – No commandment greater
  • MIRACLE AND SALVATIONS IN VIETNAM – Prayer and  Christian love
  • MOVING ON – From dream to reality!



Carol Round(February 17, 2017) Carol Round, Special to ASSIST encourages…

‘”And you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength.” The second is equally important: “Love your neighbour as yourself.” No other commandment is greater than these’ (Mark 12:30-31NLT).

For over 11 years, I’ve sat down at my computer each week to write this column. It wasn’t part of my retirement plan after leaving education in 2005. But God had other plans. (more…)


GLEANINGS (January 12, 2017):

  • COLOMBIAN AIR CRASH – Soccer team survivor ‘under God’s wings’
  • A HAPPY NEW YEAR? – Make it one of prayer!
  • HEROES OF FAITH – God can use anyone
  • SATAN’S STRONGHOLDS – Smash his footholds now!



Mark Ellis, Senior Correspondent for ASSIST reports a great testimony…

One of the few survivors of a crash involving a Brazilian soccer team’s charter flight to Medellin was holding his Bible and reading Psalm 63 at the time of the crash.

Helio Neto (31) was one of six survivors of the crash, which claimed the lives of 71 people, including many players and staff from the Chapecoense team from southern Brazil, one of Brazil’s top teams.

A strong Christian (more…)


GLEANINGS (December 12, 2016):

  • LESSON FROM A RABBI – Keep Christ in Christmas!
  • TROUBLE IN THE FAMILY? – Peace at Christmas!
  • MERRY CHRISTMAS – With an eye on the future
  • RESCUED FROM CHINA – Young pianist to play at Carnegie Hall later this month ______________________________________________________________




Karl Vaters, pastor of Cornerstone Christian Fellowship, Fountain Valley, California, shares…

When people come to your church this Christmas season, they want to hear the story of Jesus. Give them what they came for.

‘Keep Christ in Christmas’ is a familiar saying this time of the year. But you don’t expect to hear it from the local rabbi!

What do Jews think about Santa?
For several years I was involved in our town’s Police Chaplaincy. One year, at our December meeting, the Methodist pastor noticed that the napkins had a picture of Santa Claus on them. He slid one across the table to the rabbi from the local synagogue. ‘Hey Steve,’ he asked, ‘what do Jews think about Santa? (more…)


  • GLEANINGS (November 18, 2106):
  • FORT WORTH, TX – A different $3300 McDonald’s order!
  • MANDAN, USA – A fatherless generation
  • CHARLOTTE, NCCliff Burrows passes away


Stranger walked into McDonald’s and spent $3,300 on a life-changing order


Faithit Stories That Matter reports a priceless happy meal incident…
After a mystery man in Fort Worth, Texas, was recently diagnosed with cancer, he realised that life is too short not to spread kindness.

Noticing another’s problems
The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, visited his favourite McDonald’s location, where he is a regular. He noticed a girl who also frequents the restaurant, sitting alone crying. That’s when he approached her and asked about what was going on. (more…)


GLEANINGS (October 28, 2106):

  • MANDAN, USA – Be neighbourhood carriers of the light this Halloween
  • GROVE, OklahomaLet your light shine!
  • ERBIL, NORTHERN IRAQ – Run over by a tank, this monk now ministers to refugees

Halloween – Light a candle or curse the darkness!

Becky FischerBecky Fisher challenges: ‘Halloween – do you ‘sanitise it? Hide from it? Or confront it?’

For years I was one of those Christians who hid in the basement and turned off my lights to avoid participating. Or I joined my church with sanitised ‘Christian alternatives’ … ‘Halloween’ became Harvest Parties.

In a brief post like this, it’s hard to say everything I believe about Halloween. Just be assured I despise it. I have done several blogs on the topic and have come out strong against Christians participating with it. (Go to my website and search for ‘Halloween’ to see them.)

Time to shatter the darkness!
So, while some Christians still may not agree, a few years ago I thought why do we let the world spit out its demonic messages unchallenged to our kids? Why are we not telling the truth to kids in an age-appropriate way that they can grasp – both Christian kids and unsaved kids? I’m not looking for a ‘sticky lolly’ way to participate to be ‘religiously politically correct.’ I wanted to shatter the darkness and get in the face of evil with the truth! (more…)


GLEANINGS (October 13, 2106):

  • PENNSYLVANIA – The cross… dangerous to so many
  • MORDIALLOC, Victoria – More Trinity Products
  • UGANDA Holocaust miracle

Is the cross dangerous?

HopeAuthor Hope Flinchbaugh asks a challenging question…

Well… is the cross of Christ dangerous?

Vladimir Lenin thought so
In November 1917, when he seized power in Russia, Lenin’s soldiers climbed steeples and pinnacles of churches and tore down the cross and replaced it with the red star of the new soviet state. Clergy were denounced as enemies of Russia and summarily executed. (more…)


GLEANINGS (September 27, 2016):

  • CLIFTON BEACH, Queensland – Maximising follow-up effectiveness
  • MORDIALLOC, Victoria – What are Christian leaders thinking?
  • CHINA/PENNSYLVANIA – Chinese leaders and churches need urgent prayer
  • GROVE, Oklahoma – Renewing our daily strength encouragement


Sound assistance in retaining new Christians in churches

harry-jackie-leesmentHarry and Jackie Leesment (left) send this good news report…

Our new books, Christian Life Coach Training Manual and Discover! Discipleship by Discussions, are about maximising effective follow up of new Christians.  We trace the key steps that led to a breakthrough after which we kept up to 65% of new converts. (more…)