George Forbes 2010(February 15, 2017) Missionary statesman George Forbes emphasises a proven strategy…

Perhaps one of the least understood aspects of missionary work among the nations is that of missions’ strategy.  It has the potential to be invaluable or a stumbling block.

In my experience it has been very helpful when it is properly prepared, presented and understood. When it is considered unnecessary or too human, because we are being led by the Holy Spirit, there is the danger of proceeding without a plan, because we think we are trusting God for outcomes.

In some ways it is like the old saying, ‘The thing we learn from history is that we don’t learn from history.’ (more…)


GLEANINGS (September 27, 2016):

  • CLIFTON BEACH, Queensland – Maximising follow-up effectiveness
  • MORDIALLOC, Victoria – What are Christian leaders thinking?
  • CHINA/PENNSYLVANIA – Chinese leaders and churches need urgent prayer
  • GROVE, Oklahoma – Renewing our daily strength encouragement


Sound assistance in retaining new Christians in churches

harry-jackie-leesmentHarry and Jackie Leesment (left) send this good news report…

Our new books, Christian Life Coach Training Manual and Discover! Discipleship by Discussions, are about maximising effective follow up of new Christians.  We trace the key steps that led to a breakthrough after which we kept up to 65% of new converts. (more…)


Wayne Swift

Wayne Swift challenges:

In his book, Drucker and Me, Bob Buford writes about the relationship and influence Australian born ‘father of modern management’ Peter Drucker had on his life, business and ministry.

As Peter Drucker was nearing death, his wife Doris’ simple words -‘This time he’s not coming back’ – carried with them the enormousness of the person who was about to be lost to all. (more…)


Geraldine (2)Geraldine Brandt reminds us that what Jesus has done for us will strengthen us to influence others…

One of the definitions of ‘remembering’ is ‘bringing the power and reality of the past into the present.’ It is making past events present realities! ‘Impacting’ indicates ‘a strong effect or influence on someone.’

This is the ministry of the Holy Spirit – it is not merely the effort of the mind endeavouring to revert to the past, it is the omnipotence of the Spirit bringing the power of the past into the present. (more…)


Mike ShreveMike Shreve, evangelist, pastor and author, reminds readers that every Christian lives in critical times – full of opportunity to serve the kingdom…

As we meditate on the present state of affairs in the world and our nations, no biblical passage comes to mind any more readily than the story of Esther.

It was a critical time for God’s people then, and so it is now – politically, monetarily, socially and spiritually. Listen to Mordecai’s exhortation to his niece, who had just been appointed as queen: (more…)


pen-iconEDITORIAL NOTE: Repeatedly over the past few months, articles and emails with challenging queries and concerned questions comments have been noted in respect of a decided lack of biblical teaching from the pulpit. As have comments of ‘Where is God? I only see showmanship and pleas for finance’ even from young unsaved church visitors seeking reality with God. (more…)


George Forbes 2010

Missionary statesman Dr George Forbes shares some mission gems:

Much has been said and written about mission teams over the last few years. Twenty five years ago they were a new phenomenon arousing both positive and negative responses on the mission fields of the world.

Literally hundreds of teams and thousands of young people and older team members were suddenly appearing on the horizon of missions’ activity. (more…)