pen-iconEDITORIAL NOTE: Repeatedly over the past few months, articles and emails with challenging queries and concerned questions comments have been noted in respect of a decided lack of biblical teaching from the pulpit. As have comments of ‘Where is God? I only see showmanship and pleas for finance’ even from young unsaved church visitors seeking reality with God. (more…)


Dr-Robert-&-Maureen-McQuillan_PhotoRobert and Maureen McQuillan concernedly challenge:

A little while back we felt to quietly and unannounced visit for the first time a church claimed by many to be great, growing and full of life and love. Filled with anticipation and expectation we slipped in, sitting only three rows from the platform some 15 minutes prior to the service starting.

Admittedly we had been welcomed, although rather shyly by a young person in the foyer, but not one of the several people chatting nearby or were in the front aisle or even passed us by came over to welcome these two strangers. Nor did any those who finally seated themselves around us as the service started. (more…)


Andrew Corbett

Andrew Corbett shares important unknown facts about marriage and love:

As connubial means ‘of or relating to the married state’ and discombobulation ‘a fun, fancy word for confuse’ this is a good title for this article!

Personally I never thought that I would ever marry. But to my pleasant surprise, I did. And in what would otherwise have been quite an unremarkable life, I have since married dozens of women! But not just women – I have also married dozens of men. (more…)


George Forbes 2010Missionary statesman Dr George Forbes declares that the emerging indigenous church needs mentors!

It has been my joy over many years to work with as well as observe the ministry of mentors. They have worked behind the scenes encouraging, helping, guiding and sharing with emerging national leaders of churches around the world. These unsung heroes have made a contribution to the growth of the church in a significant way. (more…)


Jim McClure

Dr Jim McClure reflects: In Psalm 37:25 the psalmist wrote, ‘I have been young and now am old.’ That also describes me!

David meant that now he was at a stage in life when he was able to look…

  • back over his life and reflect on the challenges, successes and failures of life and how each decision that is made has a corresponding consequence
  • around and observe the way things are today, how some changes that have taken place are wonderful while others are worrisome, and, as the ‘sands of time’ seem to be going through the hour glass at an ever increasing rate, and
  • forward to the future knowing that ultimately God is in control of all things and will in the end work out all things according to his will.