dr-robert-and-maureen-092016(September 30, 2016) Robert and Maureen McQuillan share …

A sincere young person asked us last night, ‘I want to serve the Lord and want to be led and used by the Holy Spirit. I know I have to trust that I am actually being led by him, that it’s not my imagination. Can you share something that’ll help me?’

It’s October tomorrow – Grand Final Day, a special footie celebration time in Oz. Our thoughts immediately went back to another Thursday night one October some years ago.

Late at night we had an unexpected call. The caller didn’t apologise for the lateness of the hour but quickly requested: ‘We’ve learned you’re the speakers at a church leaders’ camp Saturday, but … when finished would you come over and speak to the Russians. They meet Saturdays but would you also minister to them tomorrow, Friday night?’

Speak to the Russians? Intriguing request to a westerner’s ears as we’d never ministered to Russians before and didn’t know what to expect. (more…)


Dr Robert & Maureen (2)
Robert and Maureen McQuillan share some important reminders…

Pentecost Sunday tomorrow!

Many churches, both Pentecostal and mainstream, will be remembering, even celebrating that Acts 2 Pentecost when Jesus’ promise of being ‘equipped with power from on high’ (Luke 24:49 Mge) by the Holy Spirit was fulfilled.

The all-powerful third person in the Trinity fell in an incredible way at Pentecost, releasing the original church in spontaneous praise and worship glossolalia (tongues speaking) and immediate evangelism.

Sadly, some people still foolishly believe this free gift and the 1 Corinthians 12: 4-11 nine supernatural gifts of the Spirit ceased (Theology calls this ‘cessationism’). (more…)


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Terrorist bomb survivor offers hope through true stories of tough times

Dan WoodingDan Wooding, ASSIST Ministries, brings a good news report…

Jeanette Chaffee on a plane 17,000 feet up was jolted awake by what felt like a gunshot inches from her head. The plane lurched wildly. Shrapnel flew, and smoke surrounded her. Cables dangled near the now-open ceiling. Oxygen masks dropped. She yanked at her mask, but it would not budge.


Dr-Robert-&-Maureen-McQuillan_PhotoRobert and Maureen McQuillan concernedly challenge:

A little while back we felt to quietly and unannounced visit for the first time a church claimed by many to be great, growing and full of life and love. Filled with anticipation and expectation we slipped in, sitting only three rows from the platform some 15 minutes prior to the service starting.

Admittedly we had been welcomed, although rather shyly by a young person in the foyer, but not one of the several people chatting nearby or were in the front aisle or even passed us by came over to welcome these two strangers. Nor did any those who finally seated themselves around us as the service started. (more…)


Dick Hardy

Dick Hardy, pastoral leadership consultant, writes:
It is important for pastors and church leaders to know how to work a crowd.

Oh my goodness! You now think I have slipped a cog. How in the world can anyone in ministry possibly think about ‘working the crowd’? That is so phoney. Further, it must be as far away from godliness as one can get. What’s up with that? (more…)