(June 12, 2018) George Forbes, missionary spokesperson, challenges…

At last, I have got onto the subject of money for missions. This is a big subject because the need is big.  I mean really BIG!

Regrettably, it sometimes becomes a point of confusion and even conflict, when the amounts of funding for global mission are seen as diverting, or reducing the funding for local church needs.

Personally, I say, ‘Thank God for the pastors who understand this problem area and ensure good balance and understanding is maintained in their church. I belong to such a church, for which I gave thanks to God every day. I especially thank him for my pastor.’

I recognise that just as some missionaries may not manage money well, the same is true of some local churches. The better way is surely to help those missionaries who are not money managers and partner with them in sound, wholesome ventures for people in need and projects that are worthy.

Focusing on progress, not projects
Pastors who believe in the vision of a missionary, can partner with them, encouraging members who are experienced in money management, as well as people who are good project managers to work with their missionary.  Some great work is done this way to the glory of God. (more…)


(July 15, 2017) Missionary statesman George Forbes boldly declares:

Anyone who is moving forward is moving into new territory, new experiences, new challenges and new opportunities.

This is applicable in all areas of life, including world evangelisation. If ever there was a time to move forward, it is now as we move into the second half of 2017!

Obedience is the key word as we consider the world situation of the growth of the church of Jesus Christ.
There has been much moving forward over the centuries as his church has grown.

When David Livingstone, the great missionary to Africa, said, ‘I am prepared to go anywhere, provided it be forward,’ he was expressing a heart of faith and commitment.

Dr Livingstone was prepared to face change, uncertainty and unlimited opportunity, to reach people who had never heard the gospel.

Passion, vision, dream, mission, inspiration
Livingstone had set his heart on China, however the opium war blocked his plans to leave England and go to that nation. (more…)


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Police drop an investigation into allegations of sex abuse by Cliff Richard

Dan Wooding 2015


Dan Wooding, ASSIST News Service founder, brings good news…

One of the three police investigations into allegations of historic sex abuse by Christian singer, Sir Cliff Richard, has been dropped, according to reports. One media story states that an unnamed close friend of the singer has said the enquiry has ‘foundered’ because detectives have been unable to find evidence to substantiate the claims, the Sunday Times reported. (more…)


Disclaimer: Articles and links, as well as the source articles linked to, do not necessarily reflect the opinion of ConnectingwithYou! Our thanks mainly to Dan Wooding and ASSIST News Service link: www.assistnews.net

Terrorist bomb survivor offers hope through true stories of tough times

Dan WoodingDan Wooding, ASSIST Ministries, brings a good news report…

Jeanette Chaffee on a plane 17,000 feet up was jolted awake by what felt like a gunshot inches from her head. The plane lurched wildly. Shrapnel flew, and smoke surrounded her. Cables dangled near the now-open ceiling. Oxygen masks dropped. She yanked at her mask, but it would not budge.


Ten elderly escapees describe life under ISIS as Iraqi Christians still held by Islamic State ‘against their will’
Michael IrelandMichael Ireland, Senior Reporter, ASSIST reports:
More news has emerged about the situation of Christians who are still being detained in Islamic State (otherwise known as ISIS), after ten elderly Christians, some with disabilities, managed to escape. World Watch Monitor (WWM – www.worldwatchmonitor.org) says the group, eight men and two women, were ‘expelled’ by IS militants for refusing to convert to Islam. (more…)


Prayers for coming election requested

Jossy ChackoJossy Chacko is Founder and President of Empart, the Croydon, Victoria based missions organisation that is effectively reaching thousands of souls in India and Nepal, founding churches and training and equipping men and women to become effective agents of transformation. He writes:

Jesus is able to work miracles and achieve so much more than we can ask or imagine! I want to draw attention to the current elections in India and request readers’ prayers.

The 2014 general election is the biggest democratic exercise in the world’s history! Taking place over a period of five weeks, the result is expected to be announced on May16. This election is especially significant for Christian ministries because, if the present predictions are true, we will soon have a Hindu right wing party (BJP) in power. (more…)