Holy Spirit


(May 31, 2023) The late Dr Andrew Evans’ 1997 Heart to Heart challenge is still very relevant today! [See footnote]

Where are you in relation to God? James 4:8NKJV is a powerful scripture: ‘Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.’

Not even close? If you’re not a Christian, Ephesians 2:1-3 describes you well –

  • Doomed forever for your sins,
  • Going along with the crowd,
  • Obeying Satan,
  • A heart against God, and
  • Doing wicked things stemming from evil thoughts.

Strong words from the apostle Paul, yet that’s how you stand in your relation to God! The good news is in verses 4-6. In His mercy God loves you and wants to bring you into His family so that you can be close to Him.



(May 22, 2023) Dr Robert McQuillan recalls Pentecostal memories…

May 28 is Pentecost Sunday when it’s expected Pentecostal and charismatic churches will celebrate that Acts 2 occasion when the Holy Spirit fell powerfully on those first Christians.

Pentecost (pentēkostēfifty) is the Jewish holiday festival of Shavu`ot.Originally firstfruits of the wheat harvest were presented to God 50 days after the Feast of Unleavened Bread (See Leviticus 23:16-17), celebrating the expectation of a great agricultural season ahead. Its theme became one of revelationof God Himself, His power and His Torah (teaching, direction, guidance, law).

Traditionally where Jesus followers gathered in Jerusalem has been known as ‘the upper room.’ Acts 2:1 calls it a ‘place’, but interestingly this word is a reflexive pronoun linked with ‘a baffling wind.’ Little did those faithful believers image the roaring wind ahead!

That windstorm (NLT) blew through on that first Pentecost Sunday! Acts 2:2CJB records the ‘place’ as a home – ‘Suddenly there came a sound from the sky like the roar of a violent wind, and it filled the whole house’ 

Act 2:3-4 records, ‘They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them. All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues…’ They were a changed, charged and challenged people!



(April 30, 2023) Maureen McQuillan shares…

Well, Robert has mentioned that experience I had of sensing the Holy Spirit was preparing me to be on TV (Dare to say-Yes Lord). I’ve written about this before, but thought I’d share again to encourage you to trust the leadings of the Holy Spirit.

Although I’d been in sales for many years and regarded as top sales consultant in respect of the products my company handled, I’d never been on TV!

A shock surprise
The incident goes back to the ’70s when ‘somehow’ I was given an unexpected ‘grand tour’ of an interstate country television station while over there on a business trip. Passing by a live daytime talk show being televised, I paused to observe the proceedings.

Suddenly I heard that ‘quiet, still voice’ of the Spirit whisper to me, ‘One of these days you’ll be doing that.’

It was a classic situation where you immediately shake your head and feel that it was nothing more than your imagination or wishful thinking. I should have known better! Twice more I was to hear that same quiet voice repeating those scary words to my spirit.

No way, I immediately thought! After all, I had neither the experience nor the desire to be on TV, especially to be watched by countless thousands.



(April 29, 2023) Dr Robert McQuillan shares some more thoughts on the Holy Spirit…

Dr Robert
You said you’d share more about ministering the gifts of the Spirit (1 Corinthians 12:8-10). Someone has said we should learn… know… about the Holy Spirit first. Kelvin.

Hi Kelvin

Yes, you’re right! It’s vital to know the giver of these ministry gifts! As you know, the giver is the blessed Holy Spirit, the third person of the godhead and as He’s done from early church days, more than ever it seems He seeks to guide the church, not just leaders but all Christians in these dark times.

Of interest, Kelvin, in our article this month (Dare-to-say-yes-lord), Maureen and I share some of our personal experiences with the Holy Spirit, especially the importance of hearing His soft, gentle voice within.

I’ll share a few more things about Him below…



(April 28, 2023) Robert and Maureen McQuillan share

Over the years you’ve probably heard how certain Christians heard the Holy Spirit’s whisper and responded to some calling from God. How the Lord has used their response for His kingdom, let alone a local church.

Like C.T. Studd the great British cricketer who gave up everything to become a pioneering missionary to China, Africa and India… because he’d heard from God he responded, ‘If Jesus Christ be God and died for me, then no sacrifice can be too great for me to make for Him.’

Maybe you also heard about someone who didn’t respond and missed out.

We would dare you to believe that the Holy Spirit is ‘for real’ and wants to use you in different ways to share God’s goodness with needy folk.

Now we won’t hear God thundering from heaven these days (well… probably not until we meet our Lord in glory – Revelation 12:10, 14:2). Rather we can learn to discern the Holy Spirit’s gentle leading, like a whisper in our ear, in our inner being.

Dare be listening
Heard experienced servants of Jesus speak about ‘that quiet voice’, directing about something current or soon to be? Prompting some decision-making?

Our own experience has been that it is always wise to respond to that ‘still small voice’ heard by Elijah (1Kings 19:12), that ‘gentle whisper’(NIV), ‘quiet, subdued voice’(CJB).

Yes, there are times when that sacred voice seems a mere whisper from heaven, but you can know that you know that you know it’s God. But note: This ‘knowing’ comes about through having developed a close relationship with the blessed Holy Spirit – that great friend whom Jesus promised in John 14:16NRiV.

As we discover more about the Spirit in scripture, how He spoke to and guided the early church, and we commit to kingdom service, we will know in our heart that He’s there for us! Jesus promised this when He talked about this great friend: ‘He will guide you into all the truth… and He will tell you what is yet to come’ (John 16:14), that ‘the Spirit will receive from me what He will make known to you’(v15). 



(March 31, 2023) Steve Rees reports for GodReports

A fourth-generation pastor, Scott Pearson echoes the Lord Jesus in saying that –

  • The fields are ripe for harvest.
  • To reap lost souls.
  • The church should look to the Book of Acts for inspiration and power!

Co-founder of a school of supernatural ministry, Pastor Pearson believes it’s time for the church to wake up and perform the works described in Acts. For 20 years, he has carried the presence of God outside the four walls of his church performing signs, wonders and miracles in the lives of thousands of people at restaurants and malls, on city streets, and even in a biker bar.

God is on the move
‘It’s time to do more than just sit in a church service and watch others or hear about what others are doing. It’s time for us to take God outside the four walls of the church and bring the kingdom everywhere we go,’ Pastor Pearson says.

His recently published first book, God on the Move, is like a modern-day sequel to Acts. Pearson practices what he preaches. Subtitled Encountering the Love of God, this book is filled with testimonies of salvation, healing and deliverance. A half-dozen significant testimonies of God’s healing power will fill the pages of his second book.

Once a week, Scott Pearson (right) prays for the sick at a healing room where many people report complete recoveries from cancer and other illnesses. For many years, he taught courses on evangelism and supernatural encounters to Youth With A Mission (YWAM) students preparing for ministry during what’s called Holy Spirit Week. He hopes more opportunities arise to share testimonies of God’s miraculous acts.

Supernational encounters
Four months into 2023, God continues to supernaturally save, heal, restore and deliver people through Pearson’s dependence on the Holy Spirit who, he says, will move through anybody.



(March 21, 2023) Dr Robert McQuillan shares…

‘Shekinah Glory’ has been often thought of as the remarkable change in Moses that the Israelites beheld when he came down from Mount Sinai, after having been up there so long in the presence of God. Exodus 34:29ESV reads, ‘… Moses did not know that the skin of his face shone because he had been talking with God.’

NIV says, ‘… he was not aware that his face was radiant…’ Verse 30 tells that all the Israelites ‘were afraid to come near him.’

Remember Charlton Heston playing Moses in the 1956 The Ten Commandments? He looked so different after being in God’s presence when he started down ‘God’s mountain’ to find ungrateful, sinning Israelites.

Moviegoers, including myself, an impressionable teenager, were immediately struck by the change in his face, his hair and beard.

But ‘Shekinah Glory’ is more than that! The presence of God highlighted above is the key!

May we know God’s presence
Now the Bible doesn’t mention the term ‘Shekinah Glory’ at all in either the Old or New Testament… it was introduced by rabbis in their writings in the period between the two testaments. Their reasoning? To explain the very presence of God in certain contexts and associated with a visible manifestation more evidently apparent at certain times.

‘Shekinah’ is from the Hebrew word shākan, which means ‘to reside or permanently stay.’ And so literature by rabbis used the term shekinah to descriptively explain the following scriptures to the Jewish people:

  • God’s presence among His people (Exodus 19:16-18; Exodus 40:34-38; I Kings 6:13).
  • God’s glory dwelling in the temple (2 Chronicles 7:1).
  • God’s dwelling in the mountain (Psalm 68.16-18; Joel 3:17).
  • God’s divine appearance on earth!

This last ‘description’ was depicted in the following seven ways as a…



(February 20, 2023) Robert and Maureen McQuillan bring a timely challenge …

Happened to watch a recent Abbots Cross Congregational Church service (our ‘old’ church back in Northern Ireland) and heard an outstanding sermon by Reverend Philip Campbell. What a message! So well…

  • Structured perfectly,
  • Strongly principled,  
  • Sensitively preached.

Under an obvious Holy Spirit anointing, Philip clearly spoke convincingly from his heart on Philippians 3.

There was a sense of destiny as Philip – known for his easy-to-listen-to-and-absorb style reminded his audience of God’s incredible goodness, the Christian’s need to take opportunities to share one’s faith and the gospel of Jesus and, forgetting past hindrances, move on this year under God’s directions into His plans for His spiritual children and church.

It triggered off the heart of this particular article!

Jesus highest
Philip Campbell knows the cost of the challenge of moving on as God declares!


IT’S A WAR OUT THERE! (Meditations on Mark – 2)

(February 13, 2023) Richard Winter shares some salient facts…

The rumours had come in from a far-flung corner of the Roman empire…

  • There was trouble over a Jewish teacher who had apparently led a nonviolent campaign.
  • To stop the problems He had been crucified as a common criminal.
  • His friends and many others are saying He has come back to life – and has been seen walking around and gathering with crowds of people.

So what are the facts? Mark tells them rather simply…

(A continuous history which – if you follow – you will know how it all links together and how that Jewish Messiah will affect your life and others).

Seven facts…

1. New start
A guy had come baptising people who were repenting of their sins. Jesus was baptised… even though He had no sin! What Jesus was doing was demonstrating that all old ways of doing things either religiously or secularly needed to be buried and everyone can start a new spiritual life.



(January 23, 2023) Robert McQuillan reflects…

Recently I found myself recalling bandleader Billy Cotton’s rousing catchphrase intro to his BBC radio and television shows – ‘Wakey, Wake-aaaay!

Now I’m going back! Cotton’s popular band shows ran from 1949 to1968! But beyond his successful musical career – Billy Cotton lived life to the full!

Cotton had seen action in World War 1 even before he was 19! He became a pilot and had his own Gypsy Moth, worked at several jobs and, even though he couldn’t play an instrument or read a word of music, started his own orchestra. He had been a footie player, a boxer, a presenter, and an accomplished racing car driver.

Billy Cotton’s life was regarded by many as ‘a life less ordinary.’

Don’t miss God’s calling
Our monthly Onliner doesn’t always have a particular theme, but this month it’s mainly about responding to God’s current call on our life.

When I link this with what I’m picking up from Skype, emails, ministers,  telecasts, podcasts and so-called ‘ordinary’ Christians it seems that God is a sending wakey, wake-aaaay! call to the church and to Christians!

In this connection, have you considered living a life less ordinary for Jesus? Or are you content with things as they are, even if dull and boring? Have you missed out on daring to be an achiever for God.