(May 16, 2023) GodReports shares encouraging news regarding successful churchplanting planned with assistance from combined churches…

The continent’s largest church planting network, the North American Mission Board’s Send Network, has announced that Southern Baptist churches have planted more than 10,000 new churches across Canada, the U.S. and its territories since 2010.

Last year alone, supported by Send Network, the Southern Baptist Convention’s more than 47,000 churches worked together to plant 745 new churches.

Church plants increasing yearly
‘We are always excited to see an increase in churches planted year over year,’ said North American Mission Board (NAMB) President Kevin Ezell. ‘But our focus remains on the quality of the churches planted, which is why we’re more grateful that the survivability rate remains strong. Our goal is to see churches planted that impact their communities for years and multiply to reach more communities where churches are needed.’



(June 19, 2022) Zeke Young, studying at the Lighthouse Christian Academy near Inglewood, CA, shares a good news testimony of God’s love and healing power…

Stan Lander stared blankly at his wife Aleta when she asked a question. It was the second time some sort of brain fog prevented him from articulating, even thinking. The doctor’s scan revealed an inoperable, probably cancerous mass in the middle of his brain.

‘It was a death sentence,’ the Edmonds, Washington, man remembered on a CBN video. The second scan only confirmed their worst fears. ‘Is this my life?’ Stan (pictured right) asked in disbelief.

Grim news indeed
The doctor’s prognosis was grim: the rare CNS Lymphoma spelled three to six months to live. ‘Even in the midst of that dire prognosis, we knew that God was still for us and had a plan for our life,’ Stan says.

Stan and Aleta are Christian believers. So, in time of trial, they gathered their courage and prayed. Their church joined them in prayer.



(May 14, 2022) Mark Ellis shares another good news incident…

During Ramadan, CBN News detailed some notable stories from the last few years about how Jesus has been revealing Himself to Muslims in dreams and visions.

In one story, a Middle Eastern missionary named Yazid (*name changed) shared about a man visited by Jesus every night for a month, asking him to write down what He said.

God at work in the Middle East
McLean Bible Church’s Pastor David Platt interviewed the missionary during The Gospel Coalition’s Something Needs to Change simulcast’ and Yazid had stated that ‘God is moving inside the Middle East with dreams, visions, and personal visitations.