(August 27, 2022) Andrew Kennedy shares a harrowing tale and testimony of God’s caring…

A few months ago Maree and I set out from Victoria for our first big holiday, on what we called ‘Half a Mega Trip.’ Half a mega trip! What’s a half mega? I thought at the time.

Well, mega means huge and colossal so half a huge and colossal must just big, I reasoned. Well it certainly was big! For quite a few weeks we were to travel thousands of kilometres across Western Australia and back, visiting well-known towns as well many off-the-beaten-track picturesque places.

We really enjoyed ourselves and saw lots of beautiful scenic spots. Maree took lots of photos, regularly posting quite a few to friends on FaceBook.

Gregory disaster
We were at Gregory, a small town and fishing port located 7 km northwest of the mouth of the Hutt River, in WA’s Mid-West region when it happened. Quite a small port, Gregory only has a population of around 65 people and some 80 dwellings, most of which are holiday houses.

We had decided Maree should fly back for a much-looked-forward-to couple of weeks with family back home and meantime I was to hold the fort as it were.



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(December 15, 2021) Maureen McQuillan answers a question a little differently this month…

Pastor Maureen… I need your advice about… Yours ‘Somebody’

This person (let’s call her ‘Somebody’) is but one of a number of Christians who have asked me for advice, help, direction expecting me to have the mind of God on their situation.

Many times I give commonsense guidance but become aware that they’re hearing but not really listening and I learn later that they never acted and still have the same old problem! So I’ll start this way…

Dear Somebody
I understand your problem and I want to encourage you to relax and trust the Lord. Life is life… and many times problems come up out-of-the-blue and we have to make decisions. Now I’m not referring to normal everyday decisions such as what do I wear or make for dinner. As we automatically decide on those matters, so we often can do the same with bigger matters that arise… if we relax and give it all over to the Lord, at the same time sensing what ‘our heart’ is directing us to do.

I suggest if you don’t immediately know in your heart what to do, then pray (remember how prayer is the Christian’s secret FTE weapon!) Here’s how the threefold ‘FTE secret’ outworks –



Wayne Swift

Wayne Swift challenges:

In his book, Drucker and Me, Bob Buford writes about the relationship and influence Australian born ‘father of modern management’ Peter Drucker had on his life, business and ministry.

As Peter Drucker was nearing death, his wife Doris’ simple words -‘This time he’s not coming back’ – carried with them the enormousness of the person who was about to be lost to all. (more…)