GLEANINGS (October 13, 2106):

  • PENNSYLVANIA – The cross… dangerous to so many
  • MORDIALLOC, Victoria – More Trinity Products
  • UGANDA Holocaust miracle

Is the cross dangerous?

HopeAuthor Hope Flinchbaugh asks a challenging question…

Well… is the cross of Christ dangerous?

Vladimir Lenin thought so
In November 1917, when he seized power in Russia, Lenin’s soldiers climbed steeples and pinnacles of churches and tore down the cross and replaced it with the red star of the new soviet state. Clergy were denounced as enemies of Russia and summarily executed. (more…)


Charles Gardner

Charles Gardner, Special to ASSIST, shares this inspirational testimony…

Snatched from the jaws of the Nazis in the nick of time, a young boy, Heini Fiege, escaped to England to begin a new life.

It was a traumatic parting for Heini and his brother Arthur, aged seven and ten at the time, but their parents, Curt and Trude Fiege could see the writing on the wall and willingly gave up their boys for adoption to save them from the horrors of Auschwitz, where they would have perished within a few short years. (more…)