Houston, We Have A Problem!

Ask those who remember the space race age what was the best-known catchcry of those times and some will joke: ‘Beam me up, Scotty!’ But the thoughtful will respond with the above…’Houston, we have a problem.’

The craft’s crew were in trouble and wisely contacted home base for advice and assistance. And they got it, the problem was rectified and the rest is history.

Things go wrong for everyone
Speaking of history, it reflects that bad things happen to good people as well as nasty people. News reports and TV investigations regularly report or highlight such incidents. And even Christians find that, although our God is caring, loving, providing and has great plans for us, there are still times when things go wrong for us.

The fact is that we live in a fallen world, not a perfect world or system. Jesus Christ gave his life to redeem every human being and bring us God’s blessings. But, sadly, not every person has accepted Jesus as Saviour or friend – nor wants to! Therefore we live in the midst of sin, corruption, danger and evil caused by sinful humankind.

However, that doesn’t mean Christians have to live in fear, doubt or under tension! That we can’t enjoy every day. That we can’t be adventurous and dream in God. That we can’t plan ahead, believing for a good lifestyle, peace and provision.

Christians can believe for better times
Of course we can do these natural things! Our God is there for us with his power, purpose and promise. But his method, moment and means of fulfilment are his choice. Such was the classic case of Joseph. God gave him an amazing dream but the fulfilment of that incredible dream-promise – which Joseph faithfully hung on to even when he kept landing in trouble (the method) – was to take many years outworking (the moment) and the power of a heathen king (the means).

Young Joseph continuously displayed an indestructible trust in his God…never giving in, never giving way. His faith – trust, confidence – in God and in his word and promise never wavered! Not even in his darkest hour.

It needs to be so with us. When trouble assails us, we need to utter our own catchcry – ‘Lord, we have a problem.’ Then we wait… trustingly and patiently on our Lord to come through with the answer or answers.

Now this catchcry can be uttered privately. Or, as the wise do, in joining with Christian brothers and sisters at a prayer or a home meeting, or coming out to the church altar on Sunday. God can work through any of these channels but it’s amazing how the corporate strength of praying and caring groups works very powerfully!

Pushing forward
We also need to remember that if God takes his time and choses his method, that‘s his business! After all, he is God … and has the right to work it all out his way. One thing is for sure, despite the delays and problems; we can still prosper as was the example of Joseph (Gen. 39: 2-3, 23). The truth is that this word ‘prosper’ doesn’t mean finance every time we read it, but rather a ‘pushing forward in God’s grace to success.’

Yes, there are times we Christians hit troubles but as in Joseph’s case family and others benefit because of our faith. Think New Testament and that means our local church and friends benefit. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you the bigger picture as you hold on to your dream in God.

And always… let’s call on Jesus for help! It’s only a local call! There’s not one problem that will ever be too big for him to solve! May our 2010 catchcry be ‘Lord, I have a problem…’

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