The Power of Prayer

Robert and Maureen McQuillan write:

A good friend called asking us to pray for her sick husband and also regarding their need for a new rental accommodation. The first matter was of top priority as the future was looking bleak, the second would be a great homecoming blessing from hospital.

We prayed, knowing that this couple value prayer; that they know their God is interested in everything to do with his spiritual children’s daily life journey. Prayer immediately brought God’s miraculous touch into action and he continues to bless them one step at a time, one day at a time, one miracle at a time.

Believing and trusting
A great key is that we knew that here are Christians who believe in the power of prayer, that God really cares and that they especially know how to trust him. As pastoral mentors and counsellors we have contact with many ministers and people from all over. Email, Skype and phone systems have their advantages!

Naturally we do our best to encourage everyone to believe that God cares and will move to assist in meeting our needs – as we seek his help and are willing to operate in simple trust.

And, in counselling, there are often times we require to give advice and make suggestions asking that people do a certain something themselves. So many times, instead of seeking a prophetic word from God through us, they need to seek God direct and listen to him.

In other words, our response to ‘What’s God telling you, Robert and Maureen?’ will be: ‘Have you sought God? What’s he told you and what have you done?’

Prayer is free and brings results
Some time back we were invited to two dinner engagements. One was with a famous senator, a fundraising drive that would cost us $500 each! That fee put the night out of the question!

The other was a dinner with a Christian college. A special time just for ministers so that the principal and his board could inform us of the college’s outstanding advances, progress, vision and plans.

We responded to this invite…and not just because the night was free and not a fundraiser per se, the restaurant surroundings relaxing with excellent a la carte food, and company amiable. But mainly because we wanted to hear the presentation and learn of practical ways in which we could help.

Sadly only a few city ministers turned up! It almost seemed that not many had a real heart for Christian education…perhaps others were unaware of the great gains and advances over the past 20 years in Christian colleges, and the need for such institutions in these days of scholastic compromise, mixed values or lack of high standards in teaching circles.

From what we learned city churches – and Christians – can be proud of Christian colleges. Progress has been tremendous, current programs are based on strong Christian values, Jesus Christ is at the core of all that is done, taught and envisaged, and the vision and future plans are exceptional.

First priority
Then the principal mentioned one major thing – simple but powerful – that not only ministers can do for Christian colleges, but also every Christian, especially those that know the power of prayer…PRAY!

Pray! This is the first priority – beyond needed finance – in this principal’s agenda for pastoral and church input into assisting the college and pupils that he is proud of.

We liked that …for we know that without prayer (never mind a vision) ‘the people perish.’ And this goes for any Christian personally, family, Bible college, ministry or church as well as local Christian colleges!So many times we’re able to bring great comfort to people by explaining that the Bible word for ‘prayer’ – in Aussie dictum – simply means ‘to yak.’ Relief such as a bereaved lady a while ago…Her eyes light up and peace entered immediately. Gone went the harsh wrong Sunday school upbringing that ‘You had to pray’ with no given explanation of how or why. Realisation came that it is possible to have meaningful relationship with a caring, loving God simply by talking prayerfully with him and trusting!

Prayer, when properly understood, is a power key to touching God’s heart and changing/shaping future events. It’s also the means of bringing about blessings into situations, organisations, ministries, churches and people’s lives! Many times we’ve seen God heal people, change situations and enrich lives through the power of prayer!

In these days of ongoing uncertainty – including health and financial future, our advice is:

  • Know God personally. Pray, believe and trust
  • Invest tithes and offerings into one’s local church
  • Donations? Don’t forget worthy Christian colleges.

Most churches have some great prayerers. We encourage such to be active.

As James once wrote: ‘The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and wonderful results’ (5:16 NLT).

(c) 2013.08

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