Question: I often hear Christians emphatically refer to Jesus as their healer, even their GP. Can they be right?


Dr Bernard Shiu, well-known Geelong General Practitioner, responds:

General practitioners such as myself strive to practise a holistic approach. We take into consideration the biological, psychological and social factors relevant to the care of our patients.

Our duties are not limited to specific parts of our body, rather we tend to deal with multiple health and health related issues all at once.

And, as our patients may vary in age, sex, ethnic and educational background, we are trained to treat and communicate at an appropriate level suitable for the individual.

I often refer our profession as a ‘Swiss army knife’ – that is, we are equipped to manage a little bit of everything within medicine. Sometimes we are paediatrician; sometimes we are psychiatrist; sometimes we are diabetes specialist; sometimes we are gynaecologist and so on.

In answering the above question, I would draw a clear parallelism to our Lord and Saviour. When Jesus was on earth, he was a son, a friend to many, a religious teacher, but more importantly, he was a great doctor!

Jesus, the great GP
Looking back on the ‘medical career’ of Jesus Christ, he would have fitted in perfectly as a GP! Let’s take a look at some of his ‘medical cases’:

Infectious Diseases – Leper in Galilee
Matthew 8:1-4
Mark 1:40-45
Luke 5:12-15

Rehabilitation program – Paralytic at Capernaum
Matthew 9:2-8
Mark 2:3-12
Luke 5:17-26

Ear, nose and throat problems – Deaf man with speech problem
Mark 7:31-37

Gynaecological problems  – Woman with bleeding problem
Matthew 9:20-22
Mark 5:24-34
Luke 8:42-48

Paediatric cases – Jairus’ daughter
Matthew 9:18-19; 23-26
Mark 5:22-24; 35-43
Luke 8:40-42; 49-56

Ophthalmological problems – Blind men
Matthew 20:29-34

Psychiatric cases – Demoniacs at a tomb
Matthew 8:28-34
Mark 5:1-15
Luke 8:26-39
Luke 4:31-37

Rheumatologic problems – Muscle and joint stiffness
Luke 13:11-13

Cardiovascular/nephrological illness – Dropsy man (Swelling)
Luke 14:1-4

Orthopaedic surgical conditions – Man with a withered hand
Matthew 12:10-13
Mark 3:1-7
Luke 6:6-11

Neurological illness – Epileptic son
Matthew 17:14-21
Mark 9:17-29
Luke 9:37-42.

Jesus’ care and expertise spanned widely
Jesus the Healer
• He touched so many
– From young to old
– From inside to outside
– From men to women
– From rich to poor.

• He cared not only for our basic nutrition needs (Matt.14.13-21 – feeding the five thousand) but also to our spiritual needs (Matthew 5:7- the Sermon on the Mount).

• He matched his healing approach to the individual patient according to their specific needs
– Some he personally touched (Matthew 8:3 – Jesus reached out)
– Some he worked together with (John 9 – Jesus healed him with mud)
– Some he allowed to be touched  (Luke 8:42-48 – woman with bleeding problem)
– Some, his presence was not even required for healing to take place (Luke 7 – Solder’s servant).

Jesus is our Jehovah Rapha
Jesus cared for us so much, that he even died on the cross so we could have perfect health – the ‘glorious body’ (Philippians 3:21 who will transform our lowly body to be like his glorious body) – when we are in heaven.

While we are still in our weakened flesh, I encourage all our readers to rely on Jesus for his healing power along with the expertise from our medical profession so we can experience the depth of his grace and mercy.

Jesus the Healer (2)Jesus is indeed our Jehovah Rapha (See Exodus 15:26) – our healer, our best GP!

We can trust him!

After all, this is the great general practioner who said, ‘The things which are impossible with men are possible with God’ (Luke 18:27).

Dr Bernard Shiu, BSc, MD, FRACGP is a General Practitioner, Geelong, Victoria, Medical Educator, Southern GP Training Program and a Senior Clinical Lecturer, Deakin University, School of Medicine. He attends Waterfront Christian Church

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  1. Yes indeed….what a timely reminder that God can heal and that this can happen through his direct touch or through the intervention of trained medical persons…or through both in regard to the same person who is need. The article is a timely reminder and encouragement that God has placed in this world various means through which healing may be experienced. And, like Dr Shiu, we who know Christ are assured that our present human state including inherent weaknesses will be a thing of the past when he returns for those who have put their faith in him as their Saviour from sin and its consequences.
    While we acknowledge that sometimes neither medical science nor prayer lead to wholeness, we are assured that what we can’t understand now will be understood fully when we see Jesus at his Second Coming.
    Thank you, Dr Shiu, for your encouragement.

  2. Your article has been well received by readers, Dr Bernard. It’s great that Christians can trust in ‘Dr Jesus’ – the greatest physician indeed as we have proved in our own lives over decades and as we pray for healing for others. Blessings. Robert and Maureen McQuillan

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