Mark EllisMark Ellis, seasoned ASSIST senior correspondent, brings this great testimony from a three-year-old, the centre of a miracle:

Ella Kimbro leaned over to rescue a cat that fell into her backyard pool. Then she plunged in herself and nearly drowned until Jesus brought her back to life, according to a story by WMC Action News 5 in Tennessee.

Gibson County three-year-old, Ella nearly died May 22 in her family’s pool when she tried to reach in and rescue a cat named Elsa, according to WMC.

Like many parents in the mid-South, Johnny and Christy Kimbro like to spend time in their pool when temperatures rise.

Christy thought the three Kimbro kids were out riding their bikes on that fateful day. But she was surprised when she looked outside and didn’t see Ella.
Ella Kimbro



Ella Kimbro (Source: WMC )


‘She’s dead!’
Christy Kimbro scanned the backyard carefully until she saw a horrible sight — her young daughter floating face-up in the pool.

‘I thought she was dead when I first saw her. I remember yelling, “Oh My God, she’s dead”’ Christy told WMC. ‘She was blue, she was cold. I pulled her out of the pool. She wasn’t breathing,’ she added.

When Ella’s father, Johnny, started CPR he could see her pupils were dilated.
‘What I do remember is standing over my daughter and I reached down to feel for a pulse, and I couldn’t find one,’ he told WMC.

After a few minutes of CPR something miraculous happened. Ella came back to life!

She was airlifted to LeBonheur Children’s Hospital and was on a ventilator for five days. When she awakened, Christy will never forget the story Ella told.

‘That’s man who saved me from drowning’
‘Ella said she drowned,’ recalls Christy. ‘Then she saw a bright light and a man with long hair walking to her.’

Picture of Jesus



Picture shown to Ella
Christy’s sister showed Ella a picture of Jesus on her phone and asked if  the man looked like that.

‘Ella said that was the man who saved her.’ Christy says her three-year-old had never heard a bright light story before this happened.

Ella has recovered completely, thanks to a Rescuer and Saviour with much more than CPR at his fingertips.

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