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Hope Flinchbaugh

Hope's books

Young Soon has one desire– she wants to hear her children laugh. A widow, pregnant with her third child, Young Soon cooks grass soup just to survive. The town loud speaker, her only news source, brags daily that her beloved North Korea is prospering while the rest of the world is starving. She is shocked when her brother, a soldier, informs her that millions in North Korea are starving. A smuggled newspaper reveals there is food just over the border in China. Will Young Soon be forced to abandon her communist beliefs and risk her life and the lives of her children to cross the guarded Tumen River?

Inside China, 21-year-old Mei Lin (the lead character in the author’s previous two novels, Daughter of China and Across the China Sky) launches her first missionary tour. While on a journey of miracles, she has a heart-pounding dream of a baby crying out to her from murky waters. Who is this baby? How will she find him?

Hope Flinchbaugh has a heart for Asia and a gifted way of igniting a deep hunger for the light of God’s love to break across the hardest and darkest areas of the earth and of challenging readers to commit to impacting our troubled world. Available from See also Hope’s Missional item this month.

Carey Nieuwhof

Leaders try to bring about change. And change almost always elicits opposition. So how do leaders navigate change, and the opposition to it, without giving up their dream for what could and should be?

Carey Nieuwhof examines five strategies that can help church leaders engineer change:
1. Determine who is for (or against) the change and why.
2. Decide where to focus your attention.
3. Develop the questions that will set your course.
4. Learn to attack problems instead of people.
5. Persevere until the critical breakthrough.
Insightful and practical, Leading Change Without Losing It offers hope and encouragement for leaders, no matter where they serve in the church. Link: See also this month’s Leadership

Grace Revisited.jpgGRACE REVISITED
Jim McClure

Theologian Dr Jim McClure cuts through the jargon so beloved by theologians enabling readers to rediscover the profound significance of the unavoidability of grace in salvation and in living the Christian life. Grace Revisited takes us on a journey back to ancient Greece to unearth the origins of the word and concept of the Greek word charis. With scholarly precision, this easy-to-read book shows that the commonly accepted definition of grace as ‘The unmerited favour of God’ falls short when applied to the New Testament.

Well researched book by an insightful author, Grace Revisited reveals grace as having a strong active meaning, not something that is passively received but rather as something that has a dynamic effect on those who receive it. Jim McClure shows that grace is like a many faceted diamond out of which shines a greater understanding of the great God we worship. Normally $35 but obtainable from the author for $25 (plus postage). Link: See this month’s Ask Dr Jim.

Children’s Ministry Series

As highlighted last month in The Buzz, this new dynamic series is designed to hook readers into the mysteries of God, revealing a truth behind each biblical story. Already S&D Travels has received an welcomed opening to 155,000 children in Ireland as well as gaining interest worldwide, including Africa and Australia.

Producer Maurice Wylie Media, Magherafelt, Northern Ireland, says, ‘The series has been designed for those years of understanding and, according to the feedback that is receiving children and adults alike love it. Each book has 48 full colour pages and carries mystery, intrigue, humour, real life issues, Bible based story, different personalities, follow-up questions, seek and find, life lessons and a prayer.’
Maurice Wylie can be contacted at, or visit to get more information. Recommended for children’s ministries and parents alike.

Right Turns bookRIGHT TURNS
Dick Harding

A great resource for lead pastors – The 30 Navigational Decisions Leading Pastors Make In Growing the Church.

The Hardy Group’s Dick Hardy challenges: ‘Ever wonder why some churches are declining and others are not? What characteristics do pastors of larger, growing churches possess? At The Hardy Group we believe that church doesn’t have to be what it always has been. And we believe you can lead at an entirely new level. Right Turns serves as a guide to get you there.’ Sale price: US $12.95 (normally $14.95) plus postage…link: See also Leadership for a special video and Dick Hardy’s Inner Circle offer.

Justin Gardner

Small Change Big Change is the follow up book to Crimeson, the exceptionally popular autobiography by Justin Gardner. This remarkable book explores the fascinating financial journey that Justin has been on since finding God. Homeless at just 14 years old, Justin lived a criminal life until the age of 22, when he miraculously became a Christian. Justin was in debt, had no savings and had a poverty mindset. Now a senior minister, author and public speaker, he has broken free from living a debt-driven life to finding financial freedom. This book is his journey on becoming debt free and living a generous life. Small Change Big Change contains the principles and the disciplines that Justin has learnt and applied over the last 18 years that have opened amazing doors of opportunity and blessing in his life and in the lives of many others.

Small Change Big Change is a book that will show you how small changes in your financial habits and daily choices can make big changes in your future. What we do today will affect tomorrow, so Justin encourages the reader to get started now, to encourage a brighter future. Stan ‘The Man’ Longinidis, eight times world heavyweight kickboxing champion and the first martial artist to be inducted into the Sport Australia Hall of Fame, endorses Justin and this book: ‘The reality is every man was created to shine. Justin’s early life journey went through some dark valleys that robbed him from any positive dreams and hope. He is a perfect example of how embracing God’s word can renew and transform hearts and mindsets. Small Change Big Change is all about the principles Justin has learned that have positioned him to live a blessed life that impacts others. I just love seeing what God continues to do in the life of my brother in Christ!’

Link: Justin Gardner – / Ark House Ph: 02 9007 5376 /

Denis V Smith

Denis Smith 2First Steps and other excellent newly available publications from Dr Smith will richly bless new Christians and churches. Suitable for follow-up leaders, individual and group study. Links: Keystone Resources, PO Box 4390, Eight Mile Plains, Qld 4113 / / Mob 0438 004 612 /

See also The Buzz for more details  and pics

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