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Jim McClure
Grace Revisited.jpg
Theologian Dr Jim McClure cuts through the jargon so beloved by theologians enabling readers to rediscover the profound significance of the unavoidability of grace in salvation and in living the Christian life. Grace Revisited takes us on a journey back to ancient Greece to unearth the origins of the word and concept of the Greek word charis. With scholarly precision, this easy-to-read book shows that the commonly accepted definition of grace as ‘The unmerited favour of God’ falls short when applied to the New Testament.

Well researched book by an insightful author, Grace Revisited reveals grace as having a strong active meaning, not something that is passively received but rather as something that has a dynamic effect on those who receive it. Jim McClure shows that grace is like a many faceted diamond out of which shines a greater understanding of the great God we worship. Normally $35 but obtainable from the author for $25 (plus postage). Link: See Ask Dr Jim for another of his timely articles

Children’s Ministry Series

Spottea and DotteaThis new dynamic series is designed to hook readers into the mysteries of God, revealing a truth behind each biblical story. Already S&D Travels has received an welcomed opening to 155,000 children in Ireland as well as gaining interest worldwide, including Africa and Australia.

Producer Maurice Wylie Media, Magherafelt, Northern Ireland, says, ‘The series has been designed for those years of understanding and, according to the feedback that is receiving children and adults alike love it. Each book has 48 full colour pages and carries mystery, intrigue, humour, real life issues, Bible based story, different personalities, follow-up questions, seek and find, life lessons and a prayer.’

Maurice Wylie can be contacted at, or visit to get more information. Recommended for children’s ministries and parents alike.

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