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  • FRANCE – Hundreds saved at conference
  • AUSTRALIA – Online assistance
  • ILLINOIS – Sick of church?
  • USA – YouTube touches teenagers’ hearts

Revival hits conference

Mark Ellis newMark Ellis shares a good news report from troubled France

People from throughout Europe gathered at the Grande Conference in Nantes, France, held July 1 through 3. Hundreds of people attending surrendered their lives to Jesus as their Saviour and Lord, according to a CBN report.

The stated purpose was to call an increasingly secular Europe back to a true relationship with God.

The key motto of the conference was ‘mercy triumphs over judgment,’ an axiom that points to God’s power to bring transformational spiritual change to Europe.

Mark - 0716a


Grande Conference in France

Salvations, miracles, healings reported
Chris Gore
, a minister from Bethel Church in California spoke at the event and described the move of the Holy Spirit in a Facebook post.

‘The first session of the conference, over 70 percent of over 1,000 people gave their lives to Jesus for the first time,’ Gore wrote. ‘The hope of this nation is the gospel.’

Not only did hundreds give their lives to Christ, many more experienced life-changing miracles, according to the CBN report. ‘Europe is alive for Jesus! What an incredible night in France. We saw tonight around 2,000 miracles and exactly 100 reports of deaf ears opening,’ Gore posted.

Believing for Europe to be changed
John Arnott
Speakers at the conference included Pastor John Arnott (left), Catch the Fire Church; Pastor Kris Valloton, Bethel Church and a number of European Catholic priests

The revival hit when much of the news in Europe has been dominated by unease about terrorism and economic instability. Gore says the key to defeating the dark clouds hanging over Europe is the transforming life and light of Jesus.

‘Jesus said when he was on this earth, “I am the light of world.” When he left he said, “Now you are,”’ Gore says. ’When we shine our light, darkness has no option but to leave!’

Mark - 0716b

Chris and Liz Gore

Gore and other ministers will be traveling to conferences in Germany and Austria later this month, hoping to change the spiritual condition of Europe with the power of the gospel, according to CBN.

Mark Ellis is a seasoned senior correspondent for the ASSIST News Service (, and founder of the acclaimed   a website that shares stories, testimonies and videos from the church around the world.


Website assistance – the need to be online

James AlviniaAs chaplain to The King’s College, Kwinana and Freeway Church’s youth pastor for some nine years, James Alviani (left) has a heart is to see people converted to Christianity, as well as young people grow in their faith.

James not only uses his graphics talent and expertise in assisting his local church but has contributed to this onliner both streamlining systems and article writing (Link:

The need to be discovered
There’s another side to James – he is yet another creative young individual with a God-given vision to use his gifts and skills to help people outside the church. Ably assisted by his wife, Briony, he has established Business Web Marketing Australia…another kind of ‘converting.’

‘These days it seems that virtually everyone uses Google! Growing churches and Christian writers with something to say need websites that attract. Many spiritually hungry people today discover good local churches and encouraging Christian websites simply by searching the web. Visitors to these sites regularly find what they’re seeking and are both helped and blessed,’ he observes.

James adds: ‘Businesses too need to be online to reach their market potential. This is where we come in – we help businesses to “get found online.” Our services include web design, search engine optimisation and social media optimisation. And we use cutting edge tools to gain insight into the latest search engine trends of Australian consumers.’

Compelling sites convert visitors
James says, ‘This information is used to build compelling web properties such as web sites and social media channels that convert visitors into customers to grow one’s business. We work with a range of industries right across Australia including air conditioning companies, fire safety, electricians, plumbers, landscaping, customer service training, counselling, churches and much more.’

One example of Business WebMarketing’s success is that last year one client saw turnover growth from $400k to $2million – mainly because of James’ expertise in building it a successful website  and ongoing SEO services.

A visit to the website below gives more information about another kind of conversion – visitors to clients and businesses growing!

And, it should be noted, aware of his calling as a witness for Christ, James takes opportunities to reach businesspeople with the gospel as business doors open and he develops relationships through his skills. He also offers churches and ministry related clients a 10% discount incentive off all services.

James Alvinia Business WebMarketing


Links: 0418 169 748 / /

Why you’re sick of church

Skye JethaniSkye Jethani is an author, speaker, consultant and ordained pastor. He also serves as the co-host of the popular Phil Vischer Podcast, a weekly show that blends astute cultural and theological insights with comical conversation.

From a deep concern for those who are now ‘de-churched’ he writes, ‘You might be one of them. In my first video editorial—which I’m calling “Skye Writing,” I try to diagnose why so many people are sick of church. Check out the brief video and share your thoughts. I’m hoping to make these more frequently, so thanks for helping to spread the word.’



Powerful skit addresses the struggles many youth face in our culture

Lifehouse’s painfully beautiful skit shows how Jesus fights for us, protects us and loves us. Since it was originally posted, it has tugged on the heartstrings of over 23 million people.

This is an excellent skit that many have used in their youth groups and camps to help teens realise Jesus can help them overcome any struggle they face.

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