THEBUZZ (July 29, 2016)

WORLD – Global craziness! A call not to be silent!

Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad WorldThe title of that old 1963 movie is so appropriate today! Again and again it’s observed that so many people – and the world itself – are dashing madly somewhere but where?

Not only does it seem that sad news is received daily via the media but also via emails, Skype and the net…such as the following gleanings…

A concerned Christian shares:
‘Well, it has happened! The lunacy which some have predicted as part of the outcome of same-sex marriage has arrived…

‘We truly need God’s wisdom in these days to make a contribution of sensibility, and of biblical truth…with Godly love, into a world where rampant sinfulness and growing mental decline is happening around us.’

Yet another concern has been expressed:
‘I just reviewed on-line a breaking news report…these things are heart-breaking…as we realise the depth of depravity which can live in the hearts and minds of people A dear old French priest killed by Islamic terrorists  the news report says it all:

‘It is inescapably apparent that these horrors of which there are so many…should become wake-up calls to the people of God. People need the Saviour, life is brief regardless of how long we live, death comes to all sooner or later, and Jesus’ call is urgent…”Come, follow me.”’

In response to the madness observed today, one insightful theologian comments:
‘How desperately we need the truly prophetic voice (not the trivia, weird biblical interpretations, predictions of the future, and so-called ‘prophetic words’ delivered with the accompaniment of KJV terminology!) from church leaders today.

The world will get even more mad as Israel did in Old Testament days until the true prophetic voice was heard calling people to righteousness and submission to Almighty God and his values. Until that happens, while only nice sermons, or hype-driven sermons, or motivational sermons are given, the ‘plug hole’ will remain wide open!

‘It’s so much required of church leaders, preachers, teachers, Christian magazines and blogs to boldly address the “dark” issues that are pulling the world apart today.’

Constant prayer needed
The apostle Paul urges followers of Jesus to constantly pray – 1 Thes. 5:17NLT,Never stop praying.’ Whether your Bible version says ‘without ceasing’ or ‘continually’ or ‘at all times’ or ‘all the time’ the inference is ‘uninterruptedly, without omission.’

Some churches have lost the plot – arrogantly chasing pipe dreams and teaching stuff that isn’t biblically sound. Genuine Bible-based sermons are indeed needed, as is wise counsel. There is a need for more men of Issachar – ‘The men from Issachar understood what was going on at that time. They knew what Israel should do’ (1Chronicles 12:32Mge). And not only men are needed but  everyone – wise concerned men, women and youth.

God’s 2Chronicles 7:14Mge promise  to Israel should be requested for every nation today: ‘(If) my people, my God-defined people, respond by humbling themselves, praying, seeking my presence, and turning their backs on their wicked lives, I’ll be there ready for you: I’ll listen from heaven, forgive their sins, and restore their land to health.

A reminder of The Vision
One can easily recall the unsettling little 1974 book by David Wilkerson. In it he shared a vision he received over two years from God regarding things to come. Some thought it was a fear-mongering message – but not everyone: certainly not the author, founder of Teen Challenge.

The VisionIn his preface he warned: ‘Please do not read this book with the expectation that all the calamities will happen overnight. I do believe that most of this vision will be fulfilled in our generation…It’s message can be tested only by time and events. God will be the judge and nothing my friends or enemies say can hinder me in the course to warn readers that these things be true.’

Chapter 3 called A Flood of Filth warns that Christians are soon going to be exposed to such violent filth and sensuality that ‘it will take a firm grip on God to survive.’ That those resting easy on the fence will fall flat on their faces.

Thirty years ago, among other moral calamities David Wilkerson even foresaw and warned against unrighteous TV (see below. Such shows are already here on SBS) …happenings that were considered as ‘could never happen.’ He clearly challenged that Satan will attempt to vex and deceive even God’s chosen people by creating a moral landslide ‘to baptise the world in erotic filth, smut, and sensuality.’

Much of 1974 The Vision such as ‘Positive Thinking Preaching’ confusion, riots and demonstrations, much worldwide blame on the USA, increased drug overdosing suicides, global lack of security, bankruptcies, ‘softening’ toward divorce in churches and in the ministry – has already been happening. As 2016 moves on, it seem that the author’s vision is becoming more and more a reality!

Dark times – serious times – call for prayer and active witnessing
It’s a book that must be read carefully and thoughtfully – and considered prayerfully by Christians today (if you can get a copy somewhere!) who are aware of what has happened (is happening) seemingly out-of-the-blue.

David Wilkerson in concluding his book offered some good advice to all who are prepared – that Christians who trust God do not have to be afraid. He stated his belief that ‘God wants us to keep working until the return of Christ.’ He quotes the eminent D L Moody who was asked, ‘What would you do today if you knew that Jesus Christ was coming tomorrow?’ The evangelist’s answer was, ‘I’d plant a tree.’

At this time of insecurity and terror across the world we can get so hung up on fear…fear of gunmen and domination by terrorists of all kinds – but there are other things that we must be aware of that can rule our mind and existence.

It’s time for wise Christians and concerned cross-centred churches to plant trees of gospel seed and grow strong morally sound ‘trees’ – genuinely repentant converts and those already saved, all firmly rooted in Christ. To remember our mandate that goes beyond church walls ie: Reaching out to bring light into a dark world.

Arise o wise virgins, time to shed the light!
There’s a need today for the bride of Christ to be pure – the wise virgins of Matthew 25, not the foolish ones! Actually ‘wise’ (phronimos) indicates being ‘brainy, thoughtful and cautious’ whereas ‘foolish’(moros) indicates ‘blockheaded, dull, astutely stupid, morally heedless!’

Burning light

Not being blockheads, wise, thoughtful, bold Christians will find ways to readily and willingly be a Good Samaritan to all our neighbours – the churched and unchurched! There’s a call to protect people outside as well as inside the church by discovering an appropriate trumpet – and sounding it clearly.

Here’s a good Steve Hill item on darkness…and the need to pray for genuine revival:

Another theologian has commented:
Time for Noah the preacher of righteousness! Yes it’s important to express outrage to keep ourselves (and our flock) from getting sucked in. This is the next step and so vital protesting boldly and bringing the prophetic word to opinion makers. It’s time to get back to John the Baptist days.’

This was his response to a concerned Christian, thinking deeply and beyond the proverbial box, and  wrote: ‘Surely, daily, we see evidence of sharp descent into evil being proudly (“proud” is the word)   displayed. I read this just now…..the only surprise I have is that it has happened this week and not in a month’s time (link:

‘What is in USA today, is – profoundly unfortunately – almost certainly to be here in Australia anytime soon… unless there is a genuine revival of Christian faith in the land. I am reminded of 1Peter 5:8, “Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.”’

Serious times – dark times – demands not being silent!
An extract from today’s Breaking Christian News ( ) is so worth quoting here…

‘Remembering Schindler’s Legacy: “We Don’t Have to Be Silent This Time.” Christian leaders recently met one of Schindler’s survivors, Ewa Ratz, during a seminar at the World Holocaust Remembrance Center in Jerusalem. Ratz, number 201 on Schindler’s List, addressed seminar participants at his grave-site.

‘”Every time I come here I am very moved, really because he’s my survivor,” she told CBN News. “They asked me in Poland, ‘How did you survive the Holocaust?’ I say, first of all, the Almighty God; second, my mother; and third, of course, Oskar Schindler. I loved Oskar Schindler, ‘Herr Director.’ All of us loved him – an angel of mercy, really. We knew exactly what he was doing and how difficult it was to do it.”’

Schlinder's List
Schindler’s List
stands as one of the most moving films of all time. It tells the story of a man, so deeply touched in his heart by Nazi cruelty, and the nearly 1,200 Jews he rescued from the Nazis, in part by employing them in his factory.

Not every Christians today is called to be an Oskar Schindler willingly taking on such a dangerous challenge and mission as he did…but we are all called to at least pray for those in the dark bondage of this mad, mad, mad, mad world. Let us not be silent!

In 1 Timothy 2:8, Paul requires that everyone everywhere should pray. Wise, experienced Christians know the power of prayer – we need to be constantly praying for our nation and the world itself, that God will intervene supernaturally (he has before!), that churches and Christians will so live for Jesus that more people will come to know the Saviour.

Jesus’ call above of ‘Follow me’ is still so relevant.

(Compiled from various sources.  Scripture and quotes emphases ours.
Links: Dr Jim McClure’s Teaching wake-up call –  / Coralie Alison’s observed shopping  centre proliferation of sexualised and objectifying images –  All This and More in 30 Minutes


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