For some of us, face masks trigger old memories. 

As children way back in WW2 days we were so pleased to receive our gasmasks.  It was comforting to carry your mask with you, but to wear it was a different matter.

Yes, you felt more secure and it was comfortably shaped when you put it on,  but immediately you put the mask on the visor steamed up, which meant you couldn’t see much and although you could shout through it your voice was muffled, so it was hard for anyone to understand what you were trying to say!

There are times when life imposes restrictions on us. Today we find ourselves in another time of masks needing to be wore – different masks admittedly, but with restrictions.


Glorious meditation
We were meditating on Acts 28:30-31 – ‘For two whole years Paul stayed there in his own rented house and welcomed all who came to see him. Boldly and without hindrance he preached the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ.’  

We felt the Lord was saying:

  • My kingdom is now, and my kingdom is not yet.  I am the king of glory now, and yet I am the king who is coming to reign.  I am in the world, yet the world awaits my coming. Paul was under house arrest, yet he was freer than those who imprisoned him. The prisoner was in Rome and even Caesar’s household were receiving the message.
  • Lift up your eyes for the harvest is plenteous.  My church is hindered in its gatherings, yet the word spreads throughout the world! My people are entrusted with truth that is for all who will receive it. 
  • The crucified one is risen and reigning, the one seated in heaven is coming as king.  The time is drawing near.  The evil one cannot frustrate my purposes. 
  • My people may be in quarantine – but they are watching and praying, and my word is running free.  
  • Just because you are limited as to what you can do and where you can go, it does not mean that I am limited in any way at all.  Instead I will cause my gospel to increase and abound in diverse ways.  
  • No matter if you are in isolation or segregated in any way, my gospel is free and will be carried across the airwaves and many will come to know me in these restricted days. It is the glory of God to conceal a matter and for the honour of kings to search it out, so search out in these days what is there hidden for you to use for my glory.

Glorious gospel
Be diligent in this… neither Satan nor world troubles will frustrate the plans of God and the furthering of the gospel!

In this time of seeming darkness, let’s celebrate God’s grace, believing with all our heart that he is good and generous. It is right that we should search out matters, so that we may seek and find. Have faith, and let faith be a fruitful tree in your life.  For faith is more than accepting that God can do certain things. Faith is…

  • An active pursuit
  • A spiritual exercise
  • A treasure hunt. 

Glorious revelation
Remind yourself of these things
. Seek an ever-closer awareness of God’s love and presence. Believe that as you speak, he will answer. In these troubled times call on his name, not in anxiety, but with serenity of heart.  Give God time to reveal his secrets to you.


Press in, be urgent in your requests. Be aware of that inner knowing which you cannot work up, but which takes possession of your heart.  Above all heed the revelation of scripture, aware part of that revelation is that he still speaks to present needs. Cultivate your spiritual senses! 


Norman and Margaret Moss pastored Queen’s Road Baptist Church, Wimbledon for over 30 years, experiencing charismatic renewal since the 1960s and bringing the congregation into renewal in the 1970s when the church grew significantly. Their desire is still to encourage ministers, churches and groups that are hungry for more of the Holy Spirit and although ‘retired’ they  preach/teach by Zoom.  Link: cnmoss@btinternet ______________________________________________________________________________

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