(March 17, 2021) Maureen McQuillan responds to a troubled young wife who wrote…

Dear Pastor Maureen
My marriage is becoming divided over the issue of wearing masks. I wear masks because it seems right to obey the laws.  My husband feels that to wear a mask is to cave into the fear rampant right now and submit to the control of a government that wants to close everything down from schools to churches.  My husband doesn’t even go inside stores or churches now.  How can we live together with some measure of peace?
Seeking peace,
Cynthia (not real name)

Dear Cynthia

I’m sorry to learn that you’re having this issue… but I understand your concern as any division between married couples leads to other troubles!

I agree with you that obeying the law is the right thing, the Christian thing, to do. It’s also commonsense! After all, we wouldn’t dash out across a busy road when safety crossings have been provided by the law! Traffic moves so fast and so does covid-19 and its offshoots. Not only do we endanger ourselves by not wearing masks but if we were to catch this very real virus then we could easily endanger others, especially our loved ones – as has happened!

Obeying legal regulations to wear masks in public places, whether church or stores is not ‘caving into fear.’ Not only is it the right thing to do, it’s also the neighbourly thing to do as scripture tell us to love our neighbour. 1 John 4:18 tells us that perfect love drives out fear. After all, to give in to any fear is not a Christian characteristic… ‘perfect’ love, incidentally, indicates maturity, imperfect love the opposite.

Really, Cynthia, your ‘problem’ goes back to choices… and married couples have to live with each other’s choices, so it’s best that you stick to your honourable choice and not fight with your husband over his but show him your good example. And pray for him about this situation, for the prayers of a caring Christian wife touch the Lord’s heart. As I sense your heart in all this, I’ll be backing you, praying for you.

As for governments local and federal that these days are threatening Christian values, let alone schools and churches, this is a different matter entirely… one of godly concern, not fear.

May the Holy Spirit, the great comforter, console and strengthen you in all this.

Praying for peace for you, Cynthia!

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