(May 10, 2021) Norman and Margaret Moss share this encouraging meditation…

We were meditating on John 4:23: ‘True worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshippers the Father seeks.’

We felt the Lord was saying: This is whom I seek… those who will –

  • Worship me in spirit and in truth
  • Sit at my feet to learn of me as Mary did (Luke 10:39)
  • Wash my feet with their tears (John 11:2)
  • Come before me as Daniel did (Daniel 10:12)
  • Cry to me in their distress as David did from his youth (I Samuel 16:7, 17:42-54)  
  • Be like Hannah pleading before me for a child and receiving much more (1 Samuel 1:10-15)
  • Like Abraham look to me for direction and follow my instructions (Genesis 15:2)
  • Like Joseph be so devoted to me that I raised him from deep distress to the highest place in the land (Genesis 41:40).

Such people are my joy and delight.

Seek me!
Do not feel that you know nothing of this. For so often my word to you is simply ‘Abide.’

  • I call you to the deeper experience of what you already know.
  • I want to unlock treasure stores for you.
  • I want to pour refreshing streams into you, to quicken you in your spiritual understanding. 
  • I seek for those who will seek for me.
  • Such I will fill with overflowing love, joy, and peace.
  • For I would bless you moment by moment, day after day, all through your life.
  • Because you are mine and I am yours for ever and ever!

You worship in spirit and truth now… drink more deeply of the living water. Drink until truly that well springs up and flows forth from you like flowing streams. Enjoy me.

Laid up treasures
Commit your spirit to me.
Lift your heart in praise and adoration. Listen to my voice and look for revelation that I give.  Be inspired by the realisation that there is yet more and more to come. There are potential joys that you could experience now, but there are also treasures laid up for the supper of the Lamb.  You can enjoy worship, which is a foretaste of heaven, yet there is worship which shall be yet more glorious.   

So come feast at my table each day, the table that is spread for you in the presence of your enemies. Feast freely and know that there is a feast laid up in store where enemies will no longer trouble you.  

Worship in spirit and truth now… and look forward to that day when you know as you are known and when I shall be revealed in all my glory.  I want you to be eager for the glories of my kingdom. I want you to look forward with the anticipation that you had when as a child you looked forward to holidays.

Fear is like a shadow cast by the mountain of unbelief.

  • Speak to the mountain and it shall melt before my truth.
  • I go to prepare a place for you. I will come again.
  • Remember… If it were not so I would have told you.


Norman and Margaret Moss pastored Queen’s Road Baptist Church, Wimbledon for over 30 years, experiencing charismatic renewal since the 1960s and bringing the congregation into renewal in the 1970s when the church grew significantly. Their desire is still to encourage ministers, churches and groups that are hungry for more of the Holy Spirit and although ‘retired’ they preach/teach by Zoom. Recently they were honoured and hosted by Vessels of Mercy Ministries conference as ‘65 Years and Still Ministering’ (Link:

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