(September 14, 2021) Dr Robert McQuillan responds to this query about trusting the Spirit …

Dear Dr Robert
I know you assured me that the Holy Spirit is within me and can lead me and help me be an achiever. Here’s the thing at the moment… I have to make a major decision about taking on a new staff member. She seems to be the right person; says she can introduce new profitable clients and so on. But I have this feeling – that’s the only way I can describe it, a strange feeling – that although everything seems okay, I should not take her on. Could this be the Holy Spirit warning me… just like you’ve said that there’ll be times when one feels to either do something or not? Am I making sense? Simon
(not real name).

Dear ‘Simon’

Of course you’re making sense. Yes, as we commit everything, including our business life to the Holy Spirit each day, there will be times when he will warn us not to down a certain road, to reject something… just as easily as we can feel it’s okay to accept something or do something new.

For example, some years ago Maureen felt we should leave Geelong, sell our attractive, completed home and move back to Melbourne. In natural thinking it seemed a bit crazy… leaving our beautiful home, friends, church links and so on. Especially when people would ask ‘Where in Melbourne?’ and we’d say, ‘Don’t know, but God does and will direct.’

Now we’ve been down this road several times before, with friends ‘wondering’ about us and our decision making. But as we together trusted the Holy Spirit, things worked out so well… in God’s perfect timing. The ‘ríght’ people bought our home at the ‘right’ time, we were led to the ‘right’ block of land in the ‘right’ suburb and built with the ‘right’ company and so on. The major thing is this… we together willingly made the decision to believe we were hearing from the Holy Spirit and trusted him.

Such guidance by the Holy Spirit in any matter is such a blessing… leading, protecting, revealing, encouraging and more. We play our part of course, he does the rest, whether it’s walking away from something (had that guidance many times) or in accepting something in faith. But… remember this, Simon: I can’t tell you what to do (now I could of course as I’ve prayed about what you’ve explained privately to me but you must know yourself) … you have the choice to say ‘No, thanks’ here or accept this possible staff member. If you’re not sure, don’t make an immediate decision… wait and pray, maybe interview others, even consult with a confidant.

What do you feel deep, deep down? If you really think you’re being led, even mysteriously, by the Spirit, are willing to trust him? You, not me must make the choice… all in faith. I’ll keep praying for you and this situation… but I would add this: As we learn to be at ease in trusting the Holy Spirit, there comes a point that we just know that we know that we know we know (whatever) is the right thing to do. In John 14:17. Jesus said that he is the Spirit of truth. He is our friend!

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