(October 24, 2021) Erica Grace, ex-missionary to South America, challenges us from her weeping heart…

It was Vladimir Lenin who once wrote: ‘Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.’

Without the need for a bloody revolution or a violent take-over he did just that! This bloodless coup took place right under our noses in countries we think are free, rational, and rich.

Let us take a brief closer look…

The aborted western society
The first strategic move was to remove God from public schools. That took some time, but with the proliferation of the theory of evolution, God was discarded, and ‘pseudo-science’ took his place. One end-result of evolution is that human life is not worth more than animal life or even the environment, we all are of equal value.

It follows then that an unwanted foetus can now be ripped out of the mother’s womb and discarded simply because they are inconvenient, though if you were to destroy animal eggs in a zoo you would be criminally charged.

In today’s world more babies are killed inside their mother’s womb than outside it, all with the sanction of the government and taxpayers funding. Sixty-two million babies have been slaughtered in the womb since abortion was made legal by the United States Supreme Court, the gold standard for the rest of the world.

Broken family structures
Removing God from the school curriculum also involved removing the Bible and its teaching. The first domino to fall has been the family, God’s masterpiece. There has been an unrelenting attack on the family nucleus beginning by removing those nasty ‘patriarchal’ fathers and making sure all male generations are coerced into docility and passivity.

Many times, these turbulent events are mired in domestic violence, drug abuse, and sexual abuse, leaving long-term devastation and trauma on the children. All family breakdowns affect the children, and today we see children as young as eight years of age with chronic depression and fighting suicidal thoughts. Many more resort to anorexia, bulimia, and self-harm as methods of coping with the home stress.

The next target were the mothers. They were rallied by a militant form of feminism, which portrays homemaking as servitude, children as parasites, and husbands as ogres, and made sure their daughters got the message, too. This has meant that more and more children have had to endure the results of a family breakdown. The financial pressure of one-parent homes has meant that parents are not there to protect their children most of the day.

The school
If children survives their troubled home life, escaping abortion and family breakups, they will find that public schools are another minefield that they will not be prepared to face!

Parents are forever deluding themselves into thinking their children are learning reading, writing and arithmetic, but those days have passed decades ago. If they are sent to public schools, they will receive the ever-growing mind dulling propaganda of an anti-God society. The influence by this devilish agenda is deteriorating society at a frightening speed. Today they are learning things that their minds are too immature to handle and discern.

Now our children are learning all about gender diversity having books read to them written by vile drag queens with cute names like Foxy, reeking in perfume.

In this ‘fun’ way they are introduced to the exploits of transgenderism, same sex attractions, twerking and explicit sexual acts that would shock their parents.

The titles of some children’s books tell the true story: The Gay BC’s, The Antiracist Baby, C is for Consent, Julian is a Mermaid, Daddy Papa and Me, My Two Moms and Me, Pride-The Story of Harvey Milk and the Rainbow Flag. These deceived minds are trying to normalise oral sex among first, second, third, and fourth graders without scrutiny!

Perhaps we didn’t notice that the teaching profession is now full of indoctrinated activists who willingly pass on the agenda in which they were brought up, which is to turn our kids into social justice warriors and brainwash them into the environment religion. By removing God and the Bible, they have successfully removed all moral absolutes, particularly those relating to human sexuality.

Teachers don’t bat an eye when they instruct that both girls and boy must share the bathroom and change rooms. If girls refuse, they are shamed and labelled as homophobes, transphobes, racist and every other name in their list. Kids are told they can buy contraceptives and condoms at any age and reminded that they don’t even need their parents’ permission to have an abortion.

Education is now actively working at breaking down the idea that children belong to their parents, and openly declare that kids belong to ‘the community’ not the parents. If parents try to complain becoming too involved in their school’s curriculum, they run the risk of having social services visiting their homes ready to remove the children from their care. Christian parents are on their radar being considered too narrow-minded and even dangerous to their own children.

This should not surprise us as part of the curriculum to destroy the family is to teach children to hate their parents. They are repeatedly reminded that parents are not their ally, that they do not know what is good for them and that they must learn to keep secrets from them.

Not only that, but they also learn how to find explicit paedophilia and porn web sites on the internet and how to disguise their browsing history in case some nosey parent wants to check up on them. Consequently, a lot of children shut themselves off from their parents once they initiate school. Though most of them know deep down that what they are being taught in school is not right, they lack the confidence to share their feelings with the parents or have an open and transparent relationship with them.

Transgenderism is about refusing to accept a God-given identity; it is the ultimate act of defiance against God as Creator. The transgender movement is a demonic influenced force set out to abort the lives of those who escaped abortion in the womb, and they are eager to infiltrate every level of society. Their main agenda is to get inside the mind of children while they are in school, seeding thoughts of discontent with their own identity and gender. They entice them to take very powerful hormone blockers that stop their gender from fully forming, which will inevitably leave them sterile. The proliferation of sex-changing clinics, of dubious reputation, are raking in the money all the while ruining young lives by recklessly removing boys’ genitals or girls’ breasts, short-circuiting these victims’ potential of becoming parents later.

This movement is very pervasive. A Christian couple was called into school for a friendly chat. The kindergarten teacher beamed as she showed the parents their son’s drawing, he had drawn himself in his father’s football shirt, which he often loved to wear. Considering that his father was six foot four inches, the oversized T-shirt fitted him like a dress. The teacher misinterpreted the drawing and proudly proclaimed the son was a budding ‘tranny.’ Unfortunately, she could perceive that the parents were rejecting her assessment, so she referred them to the board who forced them to have a 4-hour session on diversity appreciation.

Those parents had no choice but to remove their son from the school but litigation with the school board is still pending.A distressed mother told of her 6-year-old daughter coming home sobbing, wondering if she would be a girl the next day or turn into a boy! Another told of a conversation she overheard where an 11-year-old girl asked a 10-year-old boy: ‘Do you have a crush on Jennifer?’ ‘No,’ he replied. ‘Are you a girl trapped in a boy’s body?’ Was the immediate assumption.

Many schools have diversity day, which means boys are encouraged to come dressed as girls and girls as boys. Children want to fit in, and consequently they will go along with bad influences. Trying to shelter our kids is nearly impossible.

Now these parents are desperately seeking help to detoxify their children who they enabled to become addicted to their electronics in the first place. None of us knew that the electronic digital screen has a hypnotic effect on us. Parental absence or busyness predictably translates into a lack of surveillance in what children are watching. Children don’t have the discernment to know what is good and wholesome, or what is poison to their souls. Video games have had to increase the level of violence and terror to maintain the level of addiction of some of their consumers.

Social media – a Pandora box
The proliferation of electronics has dealt a lethal blow to parents and their children. On one hand these devices seem to make life easier, on the other they have brought devastation to many families. Many parents naively thought electronic devices were harmless to their toddlers or young children and a brilliant way to keep them quiet and busy, only to discover that they had allowed Satan to babysit them!

Girls are especially susceptible victims, navigating the minefield of social media where they can be bullied or shamed for having a less than a perfect body, or God forbid, a pimple on the forehead. Young girls suffer from chronic low self-esteem as they never think they can compete with the other girls. Others develop strong narcissistic tendencies loading their social media pages with selfies.

Sexual predators on the internet are tech-savvy and take advantage of all the photos and information innocent young pre-teens post online, tracking and stalking them. These experts can then disguise and enhance photos which, when posted online, can unleash a long chain of tragic events, usually ending in cyberbullying and unfortunately, suicide of the innocent victim.

Though illicit drug availability is widely circulated in social media, sexual immorality is even more pervasive. The first step in brainwashing is always desensitisation, the aim is to make all sexual perversions look so natural and common it no longer affects us. They have stopped trying to sway the adult population, now targeting children and youth because after all, the older ones will die off soon enough and the converted generation will be ‘gay friendly,’ and ‘sexually liberated.’ For those who are paying attention just watch how many characters in TV comedies, cartoons, children’s books, and even real-life programs are gay, transgender or polyamorous.

The San Francisco Gay Men Choir put out a song that literally tells parents what their aim is. In part it says: ‘You think we’re sinful. You fight against our rights. You say we lead lives you can’t respect. But you are just frightened that we will corrupt your kids if our agenda goes unchecked. Funny just this once you are correct. We are coming for your children. We will convert them bit by bit, quietly and subtlety, and you will barely notice it…’

Did you think you lived in a Judeo-Christian nation? Or maybe a secular one? No, we live in a pagan nation, where Satanism is openly promoted. If this surprises us it is because we refuse to look at it, and what is even worse, it is coming from a place we never suspected: Hollywood.

Hollywood has permeated all our lives and it is not just movies; it is any lens influencing the world. Their measure of success is the amount of attention it can generate. Hollywood has had a huge effect on children’s thoughts and priorities. They called it television on purpose, which is to ‘tell a vision.’ In a subtle way it has given our children an image of what being a ‘cool kid’ looks like, what such a kid eats, talks and dresses. It has shown us what happiness looks like, what success looks like, what love looks like!

But Hollywood has always had a sinister purpose of drawing our youth into stupor of the soul with their devilish music and lyrics that defy our imagination. What we may not know is that many of the ‘cool’ stars are openly Satanists, demon possessed and practising paedophiles… but who wants to hear that when they look so gorgeous? Their pretty faces and cool clothes are just props to entice our children into their web of deceit.

We once thought Disney was cute and acceptable, with lovable cartoon characters, all the while their subliminal message has been to accept wickedness and the mystical as normal, drawing them into the satanic cult. Children may not be able to verbalise it, but movie stars and singers have become their mentors, they try to imitate them and feverishly follow their social media in the millions.

Children sex traffic
How do children end up in the sex traffic? It may be shocking to us to know that around 800,000 children are kidnapped or go missing each year worldwide.

Each child is a tragedy, but in some countries very poor parents are enticed into selling their children to human traffickers. These human hunters exploit poor desperate parents with a wad of money, making empty promises of a better life for the child. They, in turn, sell that child up the human traffic chain. This is the most lucrative business in the world right now.

Many of these poor victims end up in the sex traffic, porn industry, organ harvesting, and even worse, satanic sacrifices too horrible to describe.

The church
Up against the world and all its enticement and deceit stands the church. Can the church compete for our children’s attention? Many teenagers complain that the church does not help them fit in with their generation. The church may be way behind the cool smorgasbord available to children, but the role of the church is not to entertain. Woe to the church that thinks that’s their role. The church is on earth to show the way of salvation and to disciple its members in the truth. The world trembles at a church on fire, where no one is allowed to stand idly by but must gather their spiritual weapons and join in the warfare against the evil forces in society by dismantling the enemy’s strongholds.

Silent pulpits on current perils are dangerous to the body. Our congregations should be grounded on the premise that God is our Creator, and abortion and euthanasia are abhorrent. So are same sex marriage, transgenderism, critical race theory, drug and porn addictions, to name a few.

Mordechai, Esther, John the Baptist are just some of the biblical examples of men and women who were bold enough to stand for the truth at a time when it cost them, but they made all the difference in their generation, and they inspire us in ours.

The Christian home
What the world fears the most is a Christian home, where the parents are wide awake to the enemy tactics and are in tune with the Holy Spirit!

The Christian family shines the truth about marriage, the need for companionship and love with unshakable commitment and fidelity. Christian parents shine the truth on parenting by raising their children in the instruction from God with love and discipline. By teaching our children that God, the Creator, lovingly created them with a purpose and a destiny and has made them male or female by design, we are helping them to cement their identity as children of God.

The praying family is building a bulwark around their home with every prayer and are raising truth warriors for the next generation. God is counting on us doing just that. We read in Deuteronomy 11:18-19: ‘Commit yourselves wholeheartedly to these words of mine. Teach them to your children, talk of them when you are at home and when you are on the road, when you are going to bed and when you are getting up.’

What the world is crying out for is a real family, a godly family! Satan’s deceiving methods have not been able to satisfy lonely empty hearts. Troubled fathers and mothers can see that Christian children are happier, more emotionally healthy, and mentally alert. They secretly admire couples that are happily married, celebrating decades of marriage.

A godly, Christian, happy family

Evolution has been a very cruel lie of the enemy, condemning many to empty lives of hopelessness. But we know the truth of what awaits the wicked…

‘There will always be temptation to sin, but what sorrow awaits the person who does the tempting. It would be better to be thrown into the sea with a millstone hung around your neck than to cause one of these little ones to fall into sin. So, watch yourselves!’ (Luke 17:2).

Pained children
Many times, as I close my eyes, I see the pained face of a child asking me: ‘What have you done to rescue me? If you knew all this was happening to me, why didn’t you do something?’

All I can say is, ‘I did something, I wrote this article.’


Erica Grace is author of Foundations for the Family, a biblical teaching series suitable for whole congregations. She and her husband, Chris, are warmly welcomed itinerant ministers. Erica is happy to receive questions regarding the above article and her research into this subject. Links: / Australian Christian Lobby

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  1. You’ll get no argument from me, 100% support! May we weep between the porch and the altar until we have the fire of God in our hearts and the compassion of Christ to reach out and make a difference – even for the one ….

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