(January 05, 2022) David McGuire brings a colourful, picturesque report from Romania…

Those engaged in overseas missions ‘send in’ reports to headquarters back home, to supporting churches, friends or contacts. This is often pages of typed information.

Rather than a lot of text, I thought I’d like Connecting with You readers to know visually what’s been happening here by way of photos. After all, there’s an old saying: A picture is worth a thousand words.

In short, despite ongoing troubles around the world last year we have continued to reach out to children, build houses for gypsies, and meet other needy people… where they’re at here. These following pictures speak for themselves!

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Mesmerised children

Christmas presents joy
Over 2000 presents
, received from four sources of the body of Christ, were distributed giving great joy for so many kids as well as adults.

Some presents left over from home distribution were perfect for kids who beg in supermarket carparks, as below…

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Practical needs – wood and food – supplied too
Wood is always needed by many needy families and persons living on their own, and by God’s grace we get as much as we can to them from from our stocks. 

Food has been also a major way of outreaching this year. We’ve been going to the needy in villages every week.

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Often we have opportunities to pray for people as we meet them… and through being down-to-earth with them: Being ‘real’ as they would like relationships to be.

As the picture on the left shows, one of our team had the opportunity of praying for a lady with needs.

Kids’ ministry

The weekly kids group in Tigmandru continued throughout all last year with food activities and Bible cartoons. Many had never seen Christain cartoons before and accepted the Lord.

Hot Dogs and Coffee Outreaches
As well as praying for healing, blessing people in whatever way possible is important! And, after all, Jesus once told His disciples, ‘You feed them’ (Matthew 14:16) in respect of those who came to hear Him at a huge outreach meeting.

Now we don’t have to miraculously feed 5000, but we do bring joy to the hungry needy when we can.

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Successful ladies meetings
Rodica and Miheala Mihi had been running ladies meetings in Tigmandru throughout this year.

They even took the ladies to a womens’ retreat, where they were blessed with great teachings of Jesus… and good food of course.

Home building continues
By the way, in case you get the wrong idea, do understand this… outreaching is not all about food! It’s about meeting people, particularly those who don’t know and God’s love and his Son, Jesus – whom we’ll soon be celebrating as our Saviour, not the babe of Bethlehem!

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Actually there’s many ways of meeting people, helping them and getting to know them… and finding open doors to share the gospel, to pray about needs. One way we help needy people is to build homes for them.

And with God’s assistance, and the warm generosity of American and Northern Ireland Christians, our building of badly needed homes still continued last year!

2022 Vision
A new step of faith last year was to bless and teach new churches and up-and-coming leaders to be equipped in areas of evangelism, prophecy, preaching, healing, humilty, youth work,team work.

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Above: Group from one of our Matthew 28 great commission training weeks

We look to expand this vision in 2022 to other churches and villages!

Many thanks
To all our friends in Christ who make all of our ministry possible, Rodica and I say thanks, as does our daughter, Sabrina. We wish you blessed health and strength in Jesus and a visionary mindset for 2022.

David, Rodica and Sabrina McGuire

We also thank Jesus for the privilege of serving Him, working together with such wonderful people both locally and abroad.

And most of all… for the power of the Holy Spirit who gives life, healing, joy and hope for each new day!


David and Rodica McGuire, missionaries to Romania  have built many houses for the poor in that area, especially among the gypsy communities, as well as outreaching to children who have never heard of Jesus, using cartoon DVDs. Link:

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