(January 21, 2022) Dr Robert McQuillan responds to this believer who asks for prayer for a healing…

Dear Dr Robert

I know from your writings over the years that you strongly believe in healing. Would you please pray for me…? I don’t have Covid or anything like that but I’m having trouble with what I’ll call my ‘gut.’ Can we still believe for healing by God these days… these troubled days of so many people being hospitalised? Yours, ‘Clarke.’

Dear Clarke

Firstly, my apologies! It’s been a couple of weeks since you contacted me and I’m only getting back now (in writing that is! But I have prayed for you!).

If you’re following our Onliner you’ll know that this month we’ve once again pointed out that even though we may be Christians washed in the blood of our Saviour, Jesus, we still live in this fallen world. And, unfortunately, that means we may be subject to sicknesses. To be truthful, that one reason I’m only getting back now… I’ve had to rest back a bit myself!

But, to cheer you on, Clarke, the good news is that, yes, we can still pray for healing (and for other things!) and expect answers from our great, caring God!

In these, what you’ve called troubled days, we Christians must continue to see the bigger truth that, dark though times be, our sovereign God is still in charge! And we can bring whatever needs we have to Him in expectancy of answers, be it sickness, a needed miracle, marriage, family, or career troubles.

Regarding yourself, your ‘gut’ trouble and mention of people in hospitals, firstly… let’s always be ever thoughtful of others whether Christian or not and when we’re touched in our hearts to pray for them, to do so! As for ourselves, we who know our Lord know that He cares for us and has given us assurances that we can pray in His name for help.

Read John14:13-14 for example, ‘And I will do whatever you ask in My name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. You may ask Me for anything in My name, and I will do it.’

In respect of healing there are many linking scriptures, even in the Old Testament such as Psalm 30:2 (‘Lord my God, I called to You for help, and You healed me’). One of my favourite scriptures in regard to asking for healing, as you’ll probably remember, is 1 Peter 2:24, ‘By His stripes (wounds) you were healed.’ 

But, let me add, we must always remember that ‘anything’ doesn’t mean we can ask carelessly and ridiculously without thinking things through! For example, I wouldn’t be claiming a Rolls Royce… I don’t need one! And when I pray for healing, whether for myself, you, or something else, I do not demand that my God must listen to me and ‘obey me’ just because I’m quoting a scripture!

Yes, even in these dark days, we can ask, we can quote scriptures, but we must always ask humbly. And in faith, patience, trust, and expectancy… but never demanding! Some preachers have forgotten these God-honouring aspects and have erroneously been treating our Sovereign God as some sort of pinball machine, not honouring Him! (What’s been termed ‘hammering’ certain scriptures in their demands).

God is the God of love. Beyond glorious salvation, He will take care of many other needs. So… yes, Clarke, beyond my prayers for you, do pray believingly for yourself for healing of your ‘gut’ problem. But… remember: After first praying about any sickness, we should be wise (it’s still called commonsense!) and see a doctor, especially if systems remain. God has given us such specialists! Maybe you need advice about eating… maybe something is no longer agreeing with you.

For example, some years back, Maureen was having out-of-the-blue stomach (that’s the ladylike version of ‘gut’) upsets and on seeking God’s help, sensed He was directing her to avoid any foods containing gluten. So, she avoided such foods and in no time she was free from stomach upsets! Now back then it was exceedingly difficult to find gluten-free foods, and when we found them, they were expensive! But then suddenly local supermarkets began stocking such. These days, it isn’t a problem finding such inexpensive groceries.

One other thing, Clarke… although we must exert our faith, it’s still divine healing… not that ‘loose’ wrongly understood term ‘faith healing.’ It’s all by the grace of God!

Trust this helps.

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  1. Good answer, prayer and exercise commonsense in regard to our health and physical well-being and that includes medication if appropriate. I praise the Lord I have had times when I’ve known a ‘divine touch’ on my body, but until the day God calls me home, I recognise I live in a mortal body which is susceptible to weakness and sickness.

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