(February 22, 2022) Dr Robert McQuillan encourages a wise believer…

Dear Dr Robert

Thanks for all your counsel recently. You’ve certainly helped me… although, I have to tell you, even with prayer and binding my troubles, some problems continued and I just couldn’t get my head clear. But I just have to tell you what’s happened! The other night, I felt led to not just give everything over to Jesus, but in my mind was somehow led to lay my problems at His feet! I now feel so clearheaded and spirit free! Yours, ‘Terry.’

Dear ‘Terry’

You certainly did the right thing… as your feeling of freedom now proves. Sometimes we have to a further step… in our mind, beyond accepting good prayer and counsel. What you’ve done is that! And you’ve learned something more about following Jesus and handing things over to Him.

What you’ve done reminds me of three things…

1) Similar ‘steps’ in the gospels
Search these records and you’ll find a number of people with troubles or longings coming before Jesus, either dropping at His feet, kneeling before Him, or clasping His feet. For example…

  • Matthew 15:30 – great multitudes with all kinds of sickness being healed.
  • Matthew 28:19 – disciples longing to worship Jesus.
  • Mark 1:40 – a leper desiring a miracle.
  • Mark 5:22 – a saddened father, concerned about his son.
  • Mark 7:25 – a ‘certain’ mother troubled about her daughter.
  • Luke 10:39 – Mary, so desirous to learn God’s word.
  • Luke 17:16 – another untouchable leper desiring cleansing.

You’ve been like them and found your need met too.

2) Penitence
You’ve also shown that you’re penitent, reminding me of the king of Judah. 2 Kings 22:19ESB says his heart was penitent and he humbled himself (even tore his clothes and wept before God) and God declared ‘I also have heard you.’

He too got answer as he did.

3) Further thought about being penitent
We were watching Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade the other night and saw (yet again!) how he saved his father by daring to seek the holy grail through entering that scary, cobwebbed tunnelway where those enemy soldiers who had gone before him had been mysteriously decapitated.

How did he get through safely? He remembered the key his father had discovered… that ‘A penitent man shall pass’ and wonders what that means. Suddenly it dawns on him that such a person bows before God and immediately throws himself to the ground, avoiding huge whirling blades! Lesson there for all of us!

You, in your thinking and action did something similar… as you were laying those upsetting issues at Jesus’ feet you were being penitent, Terry, and God has met your desire. Well done!

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