May 27, 2022) David McGuire missionary to Romania, shares… 

Yet again I find myself thanking Jesus for life itself – and for the honour of serving Him. And for the strength of His grace enabling Rodica and I and friends, real teamwork, help the hurting and needy, not only here in Romania but also in Ukraine when we venture up there to reach distressed Ukrainians.

And I thank you all, both personal contacts and charities contacts within the body of Christ, who pray and back us in our evangelistic ministry.

We continue to witness many great things that only God can do through the Holy Spirit as He uses us here and our ventures to Ukraine.   

The reality is that He works through all of us. Do keep praying for us, please… but remember the principle is that God wants every Christian to be available to serve Him. May we all be working together for our king Jesus!

Following are some recent photos in respect of the team we work with to spread the gospel message, not only spiritually but practically with Christian love

[Editorial note: David McGuire has said that he doesn’t regard himself as a writer, that he and Rodica just delight in reaching people with the gospel.

Sharing Jesus, this active missionary couple pray for the Holy Spirit’s supernatural intervention with healings and miracles. And they see them! Visionaries, they assist local churches, teach Bible school students, men’s and ladies groups, help build homes for the poor, reach gypsies and children who have never heard the gospel.

Theirs is a ministry displaying Christian practicality!  

Decades ago there was a TV series called Man With a Camera about somone who specialised in getting the photographs. Although David McGuire casually says he’s not a writer, he certainly uses his camera to tell stories! Like that Man with a Camera… David’s photos above speak for themselves!]

Do pray for David and Rodica McGuire and the Romanian church teams they work with, not only for their evangelistic ministry in Romania but also their ventures into war-torn Ukraine. They all honour Jesus’ words of Matthew 22:39,  ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’


David, Rodica and Sabrina McGuire
David and Rodica McGuire are missionaries in Sighișoara and have built many houses for the poor in that area, especially among the gypsy communities, as well as outreaching to children who have never heard of Jesus, using cartoon DVDs. Link:  

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  1. Thanks for sharing these photos, they are a real encouragement in contrast to the images we are seeing from the conflict in Ukraine and the flight of refugees. The Lord bless you and keep His hand of protection upon you as you continue to serve Him.

    1. Hi Friend… you are doing wonderful job as a missionary couple involved in Mission and Evangelism with great dedication. I do remember you in my daily prayers.
      K.Anand Kar no

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