(August 10, 2022) David McGuire, the missionary to Romania who uses his camera to ‘write’ reports, shares an update… 

With the Holy Spirit’s help and protection the thoughtful, caring team here is continuing to transport food to Ukraine, and to Ukrainian refugees here in Romania asisting them also.

Open doors
Indeed it’s been a weekly event to Ukraine, involving collecting from five different food depot locations in Romania and transporting to four in Ukraine! But our caring team members delight reaching out to our needy ‘neighbours’ as it’s a vital part of being a Christian (Luke 10:27).

This also opens doors for us to share the good news of the gospel and Jesus’ love as we are evangelising in villages along the way. ! We’re able to do this along with YWAM and Dutch teams. And of course, the Holy Spirit’s help.

Pictured above… ‘hotdogging’ – some of our delivery stocks – witnessing team. A case of hotdogs, drama, and proclamation!

Teaching times
The Lord blessed us with reunion of seeing Norman and Linda Patterson and to have a teaching time in Laslea with over 40 leaders from local and further afield places who came to be taught on four topics by four leaders.

Not only was food and accommodation was provided by the Lord, but the local town mayor gave us the local town hall for this event for free, praise God

Rodica, my wife,continues to run a ladies group in Tigmandru and we’re both very happy to report that the children’s group we run there still continues.

And I’m continuing to run Bible studies with mixed groups.

Yet another home erected
We’ve also built a house for a widow lady in Tigmandru as the snap below shows.

This is also part of reaching out to the needy and an opportunity to share Jesus.

Vehicles – receiving, blessing… and a need
The Lord wonderfully provided a new trailer (right) for moving more food and supplies to Ukraine as mentioned above.

And we were able to bless Ukrainians by passing on two vehicles to use locally – our blessing was this 22-year-old  ‘new’ trailer from Norman and Linda.

But… (excuse me for making a need known here) regarding a towing van to pull this trailer, we feel the need for a van better than what we have to pull the trailer in coming times, serving in Ukraine and within Romania itself – something with a good-sized engine (probably 2500cc).  Prayer regarding this needed vehicle will be apprreciated.

First missions trip
Our daughter Sabrina has just done her first mission trip with YWAM as a part of a 2-week Christian camp. She reported that she was stretched but thrilled to outreach to the poor and be part of a team serving in a local village.

Thank you
We appreciate for all of you for your prayers.

This really supports us in our ministry here for the Lord.

David and Rodica McGuire are missionaries in Sighișoara and have built many houses for the poor in that area, especially among the gypsy communities, as well as outreaching to children who have never heard of Jesus, using cartoon DVDs. Link:  Recommended: David McGuire’s own story A Work in Progress 

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