(August 29, 2022) Robert McQuillan encourages caring for others, Christain or not…

Dear Dr Robert

This isn’t a question but a thanks to God! I’ve learned that my article – Lost at Sea has blessed readers, including a pastor friend who had a similar experience and has emailed the following: ‘I really related to and enjoyed reading your article realising you had a good outcome like I did back in the early 90’s. God certainly has watched over our lives and we still get to experience His goodness every day.’

So, I thought I’d let you know… and also add the following that I didn’t know about at the time— On the same night (A hundred kms down the coast) sadly another man was not as fortunate as I was and didn’t return to his family but got lost and caught in the severe storm that came through at 1am. You only realise the true danger when actually faced with it. I am so blessed to be alive. This unfortunate man’s family needs our prayers. Andrew.

Dear Andrew

Thank you for the above ‘praise and thanks to God.’ Yes, as your friend emailed, we are still blessed that God watches over us in these uncertain times and we can still experience His goodness every new day! Yes too, Christians should pray for others who they learn have gone through harrowing experiences!

My prayer is that readers will reach out to neighbours as Jesus commanded and caringly pray, even contact afflicted parties where possible, whether they know if they’re Christian or not.

Of interest, as I’m typing this, a forgotten memory comes to mind… decades ago I was about to fly direct from Sydney to Adelaide when I had a pleading phone call from a friend requesting me to break my journey and stop off in Melbourne, rent a car and visit a lady several kms inland!

Astounded, I asked ‘Why?’ and simply told that he’d heard on TV about a woman who was sick and needed financial help, that he wanted to give her several hundred dollars which he would transfer to my account so that I had it to give to her, praying over her even though she wasn’t a Christian… that he had somehow got her number, phoned and told her I was on my way.  

Well, I was blown away! Not only by his generosity but his belief that ‘I would be making it all happen.’ I told him that I needed to be in Adelaide, that to do what he’d asked would cost a fortunate even if I could get my flight rearranged! But he persisted, saying he’d cover every expense! No, he wasn’t a rich person, just a caring Christian. Astounded I gave in… and, to cut this memory short, I prayed and was able to rearrange flights, and fulfilled his request. Makes me think of three things…

  • Our August article – Are you Crazy? I’m not Doing That! There are times when one has to die to self!
  • That God is indeed still in charge!
  • Jesus’ wish that we love ‘whoever’ neighbours (Matthew 22:36-40, Mark 12:31 and Luke 6:27).

Take care in your next sea-faring adventure, Andrew!

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