(August 30, 2022) Maureen McQuillan recalls a bad incident, and shares her favourite prayer…

Dear Pastor Maureen
This is a thank you for your article,  brrr-baby-its-cold-outside. It so encouraged me. Caroline.

Hi there, Caroline

So glad to hear that my little article blessed you. The Holy Spirit is always there to help us, encourage us. Many times something comes up out-of-the-blue, so unexpectedly and it’s great to know that we can call on Him to help.

This reminds me of a really unexpected catastrophic incident I encountered when visiting Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania quite a few years back…

Our very hospitable hosts had taken us to their favourite Rotary restaurant and afterwards decided to show us a few local sites. One was the famous Duquesne Incline and we really enjoyed travelling up and back down, seeing the beautiful panoramic night views of the city.

Unfortunately, as we were walking back to their car chatting away, I stumbled over some uneven paving I hadn’t noticed and had a very painful fall! My ankle immediately swelled up and I hurt so much.

A concerned Robert  prayed right away, our friends agreeing but wanting to take me to a hospital. But, although I was hurting so much, I had said a polite ‘No.’

I knew that I was in for a very disturbed night so guess what I did? In my heart I cried my favourite prayer… ‘Help, Holy Spirit!’ As I said above, it’s great to know that He is always there to help us! Tell you a ‘secret’… many times that’s all I pray, these three words.

And sometimes I’m sort of screaming them! Well, I did that night… inwardly. And He heard me! Now relief didn’t happened immediately, but as I trusted Him and in my heart asked in Jesus’ name, at some point a little later the pain and swelling went. The next morning I was all right, bless Him.

So, may you too be always trusting the Holy Spirit… He’s always there for all of us who know Him.

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