(November 29, 2022) Dr Robert McQuillan warns an ‘over-caring’ Christian…

Dear Dr Robert

I care for people and I follow that command of Jesus to care for, to love anyone who is mt neighbour. Some of those I’ve been interceding for, praying for, has me thinking a lot about them, even during the day and sometimes awakening to do so during the night. They have what I call heavy problems and… well, I can only describe what’s happened this way. I’ve been feeling heavy myself, deeply sensitive to their hurts and it’s as if I feeling their burdens on my heart. This making me feel down – yet some of them seem to be getting free of their problems. Am I making myself clear here. Maybe this all sounds too mixed up. Sorry. ‘Weary Will’ (not real name).

Dear ‘Weary Will’

Hold it right there! Yes, I understand you, how you’re feeling, that heaviness that you’ve encountered. To help you, I’ll go straight to the point! The problem is that you’re not just caring, you’re wrongly carrying!

Yes,  you’re doing right in caring – as all Christians should for anyone that we consider ‘Luke 10:25ff neighbours’ and in every way we can. But one thing we can’t do is this: we can’t carry them! This is a mistake that Satan has lured well-thinking Christians into and it has eat away at them, stealing their own happiness, even causing sickness.

I urge you to recall that you’re a servant of Jesus, not our Lord Himself! Only Jesus can care to the extreme of carrying sicknesses, heartbreak, hurts and  burdens that we humans experience.

So back away and rejoice that He has heard your prayers, your best wishes, for those whom you care about and have prayed for. And He will answer in His own way and time.

I have come across this scenario before… with some Christians so caring that they wrongly starting carrying ‘neighbour’s loads’ and the cared-for one got better and free while the carer became very ill, mentally and physically!

Remember Jesus’ words in John 8:36  ‘So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.’ Message Bible says, ‘You are free through and through.’ Yes you are! Thank you for being a free and genuine carer! But stay free!

My prayers are with you… a big one that you’ll see the danger and place it all on Jesus’ big strong shoulders! I’m praying for your freedom of thinking, reasoning! And I quote Psalm 55:22Mge, which is perfect for you at this point – ‘Pile your troubles on God’s shoulders – He’ll carry your load, He’ll help you out.’

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