(January 20, 2023) Ross and Donna, Mandate Ministries, share from Chiang Mai, northern Thailand…

Last weekend another Karen village was bombed by government jets in Myanmar, forcing the villagers to live in the jungle!

No crops, no shelter, and seemingly no hope as the world looks on indifferently.

Thank you to all who contribute to our efforts to help. Thanks to our rapid-response team, we were able to get food products, rice, dry foods, and oil, as well as solar-charged batteries for their torches (flashlights) to these desperate people.

  • Please pray for them as the Lord leads you.

No Words
There are really no words to describe how we’re feeling at the moment – sad, sickened and angry don’t even begin to describe the range of emotions we are feeling.

Yesterday we heard of another bombing raid on a Karen village. Six dead, including women and children, and the village pastor.

We can’t show photos –  they are too gruesome. Limbs and other body parts scattered everywhere. We know this must grieve the heart of God. There is no simple solution to the atrocities that are being committed. We can only do what we can with what we have and try to make a difference.

We are sending supplies like these hereunder to help soon.

  • Please pray for the safety of our co-workers and our brothers and sisters in the Karen villages.

Refugee assistance – ‘loving thy neighbour’
Recently one of our co-workers called me and told me of an old Karen man, Uncle J, who came over to Thailand from Myanmar. He is living by himself in deplorable conditions with no family to help him. The shack he lives in is falling down and rain was pouring through the roof after the last storm.

Our co-worker asked if we could help but we had to say no as we had already disbursed all our funds for refugee assistance. He understood, but we felt terrible. An hour later we used our own funds and sent them through. The very next morning we received a donation from one of our partner churches for refugee assistance!

It was enough to replace the thatched roof on Uncle J’s shack with metal roofing sheets, repair the walls, and also supply him with food and provisions!

  • Praise God for His provision.

The local Karen village classroom was also in disrepair and we were able to lay concrete blocks around the base to prevent water getting in.

Thanks again for your faithful prayers and support of our ministry to Asia.

Ross and Donna, Mandate Ministries, have been missionaries to Asia for many years. Based in  Chiang Mai, they work with local pastors and church-planters, developing in-service leadership training programs that address challenges and issues unique to this area of Thailand. Link via

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