(January 26, 2023) Dr Robert McQuillan encourages a troubled young believer…

Dear Dr Robert

This may be nothing…  or something! Maybe it’s because I‘m feeling a little concerned. It’s just that some of our key people, including the minister, have suddenly left, or are leaving. I feel a little bit uneasy. Grant.

Hi Grant

I know how you’re feeling. Long time ago in the early days of my Christian journey, there were a lot of things I didn’t know about, didn’t understand, hadn’t worked out. Maybe if I share as follows, it’ll help you…

People, key people or others, do leave church at times, even a great church such as the one you attend. In a nutshell, this is life – it happens! I’ll give you some reasons –

  • Should resign
    If someone has been causing trouble, they should be asked to resign, especially if they won’t listen to reason.
  • Unsound, unbalanced attenders
    Paul warned about wolves in sheep’s clothing! We can’t have so-called Bible experts leading members astray!
  • Should have resigned a long time ago
    Sometimes someone should yield their position to a younger person, especially if a replacement is more ‘with it.’
  • The Lord has brought it about
    Sometimes we’re so glad that the person moved on, that it just had to God arranging it! (’nough said!).
  • The enemy is behind it
    A good person that is needed is wrongly rejected by others. b) Satan doesn’t want that person onboard.
  • Some jealous person (or persons) engineered it
    This has happened before: Lies or ‘suggestions’ have been told, even whispered about a good, effective member.
  • Has current personal faults/issues
    Doesn’t measure up, especially if in a leadership role. b) Something personal, even illness, they don’t want to talk about.
  • Some big ahead?
    Something going down, or up ahead, that can’t be mentioned openly as yet but involves moving away.
  • Meant to be!   
    In the case of a minister moving on, and he or she has clearly heard from God regarding a new calling, then they should be encouraged, gifted (neither stupid, nor cheap!), farewelled with loving and caring prayer re their future… and thanks for everything they’ve done.

Now then, Grant… most of the above leads to other definitions, further questions and other ‘maybes.’ But I’ll leave it at that. The main thing is to look to the Lord. What’s He saying to you?

Remember  Philippians 4:6? Paul encouraged (Message Bible) ‘Don’t fret or worry. Instead of worrying, pray.’ Blessings, Grant.

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