(April 22, 2023) Ross and Donna, Mandate Ministries, share from Chiang Mai, northern Thailand…

Hunger for God
Our team, which included Pastor Phil and Tracey McCourt, recently held a training program for Hmong pastors and workers in the mountains of a neighbouring province.

The theme of the sessions was Fire on the Mountain and the fire certainly did fall!

So honoured to minister to and with these beautiful people who have such a hunger for God.

Hilltribe Village Outreach
For over a year now, Donna and I have been visiting a village which is comprised of several different hilltribe groups, mainly Long-Neck Kayan, but also Akha, Lisu, Ka-ren,and Palaung.

We have provided MP3 players with Bible stories and songs in their own languages. We have also provided shoes for the children and some much needed supplies for the families.

Recently we brought a group of young people from a local Thai church to conduct a mini-concert and children’s program. It was a great time of singing, dancing, games, testimonies and sharing of the goodness of God.

The local villagers absolutely loved it and want us to come again and conduct another program.

Ka-ren People
We continue to help the internally displaced people of Ka-ren State, Myanmar.

Our ministry to these needy families includes food, tents and other provisions, as well as prayer and welcomed encouragement.

Thanks again for your faithful prayers and support of our ministry to Asia. Please pray for –

  • Supply runs for Karen in Myanmar and Thailand.
  • Protection, encouragement and faith for displaced ethnic minorities in above nations.
  • For fruit that will remain in the Long Neck Kayan village.
  • Our ministry to the Thai, Hmong and Kar-en churches in Northern Thailand.
  • Good health and strength to continue to do what God has called us to do.
  • Please pray particularly for Donna’s knees as she is often in pain.

Ross and Donna, Mandate Ministries, have been missionaries to Asia for many years. Based in  Chiang Mai, they work with local pastors and church-planters, developing in-service leadership training programs that address challenges and issues unique to this area of Thailand. Link via

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  1. It is always so encouraging to get our focus away from our ‘local’ (and sometimes blinkered) scene and see what the Holy Spirit is doing ‘all over the world’ for God’s glory.

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