2022 challenge


July 4, 2022) Richard Winter encourages standing strong for our faith in today’s pagan society…

I like options. But what do you do when the option seems to fly in the face of reality? Can we really ‘have it our way, anyway, and anytime’? If you can, it makes life seem that we’re buying from the like of Burger King – because this is how they sell the Whopper.

Now I like the term Whopper, but I also feel that in a country once termed as Christian, we are being told some whoppers! You know – untruths, inaccurate assessments, actual lies. Examples: Today we have gone from Father God to Mother Earth. In public schools, we cannot celebrate Easter, but we can celebrate Earth Day!

Pluralism and paganism
As a nation we have moved away from our Christian centredness. Although we have many Christians, no longer do people claim America a Christian country! Increasingly, many Americans believe that Jesus is only one option among many.

This is pluralism… and we are expected to accept that –



(January 03, 2022) Mama Lava asks a leading 2022 question…

Have you ever wondered what God wants from you?

Sometimes I get caught in that rut. As the saying goes, a rut is formed in the mud. Well, I don’t want to be thinking in the mud. I want my mind and focus to be clear. Don’t you?

The Lord’s requirements
If we’re going to clear our heads, we have to get out of the mud!

Overthinking is the enemy of simplicity… but the gospel is simple. God wants a relationship with you and me. He has done everything to make that possible. But once it is established, what then?

God spoke to His people in the Old Testament through the prophet, Micah. He clearly stated what He requires: ’He has told you, O man, what is good – and what does the Lord require of you, but to do justice and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God?’ (Micah 6:8 ESB, emphasis mine).

Surely, He wants more than that. He wants mission work and tithing and sacrifice… right? He wants our hearts to be willing to act when He prompts us, yes… but so much of what we feel we must do comes from our own imagination. If we read the above verse in context with the previous two verses, we get a clearer picture…