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Peanuts movie: Good grief…plus fun…in 3D!
Rusty Wright
Rusty Wright
, Special to ASSIST, suggests… Fasten your seat belts, Peanuts fans. It’s a wild ride as the beloved comic strip characters hit the big screen in 3D. Charles Schulz‘s whole gang’s in this one.

Will Snoopy shoot down the Red Baron? Will Charlie Brown introduce himself to the Little Red-Haired girl? Will Lucy pull the football? You’ll have to see for yourself. But it’s fun. Lots of fun. (more…)


Dr Augusto ZimmermannDr Augusto Zimmermann, professor of law, shares some pertinent biblical principles…

The Bible sees government as an institution established by God (Genesis 9:6; Romans 13). The government’s primary goal is to promote justice for its citizens – protecting the innocent from the aggressor and the lawless. Without security, every other function of government (such as protecting life, liberty, property, reputation) is meaningless. (more…)