Christ the Rock


(February 10, 2023) S. Sam Selva Raj shares …

Paul made a dramatic statement in Ephesians 5:32: ‘This is a great mystery, but I speak concerning Christ and the church.

God’s church is the fellowship of saints. In the gospels and first 10 chapters of Acts, those who followed Jesus were called ‘disciples.’ The early church grew and in Acts 11:26 those followers were now called ‘Christians.’

Faithful Christians will –

  • Not lie, or deceive others or be treacherous.
  • Talk open mindedly to other Christians.
  • Follow Jesus’ model, walking in His footsteps.
  • Reflect Him under all conditions.
  • Not deny Jesus when affected by circumstances.
  • Never misuse God’s ministry for their own profit.

One of the greatest mysteries to many is the fellowship of Christians and God.  The reality is that those who are born again through Jesus are God’s children (John 1:12-13). 

Every truth needed for anyone to live a victorious life in this world is hidden in this secret relationship. But people (sadly even some Christians!) are trying to discover other ways to find joy and peace to progress in their lives, ignoring this relationship.

Jesus revealed His great love for us in redeeming us by His sacrifice on Calvary (Romans 5:8). He is our Saviour who overcame death and rose from the dead! Over the centuries people have hated Jesus’ church and persecuted it. This fellowship of God’s children has experienced terrible sufferings and opposition… even today!   



(October 15, 2022) Maureen McQuillan recalls a childhood experience of the goodness of our miracle-working God…

Now that title may sound like the beginning of a ghost story, but it’s not. Although I could say the beginning of a Holy Ghost tale.

My husband, Robert, had seen sharing my childhood miraculous healing experience with some friends recently, and felt I should write about it as an encouragement to others. Especially as over the past couple of years we’ve been hearing of several committed Christians, particularly ministries, becoming seriously unwell.

As regular readers know, we strongly believe that our loving heavenly Father is the healing and miracle-working God; that in times of illness we pray to Him, asking with confidence for His help; reflect on scriptures such as 1 Peter 2:24 – ‘By His stripes you were healed’; leave it with Him, trusting Him; and then do the sensible thing – see a medical professional.



(October 10, 2022) Richard Winter highlights what’s never optional for any Christian…

One of the most famous landmarks in the world is Italy’s Leaning Tower of Pisa. My wife Wendy and I had the privilege of seeing it a few years ago.

It’s not famous because of its height – only 179 feet tall – nor its architecture… there’s plenty of examples of Romanesque buildings around the Tuscany area. But it’s famous for one reason – because it leans!

Building began in 1173, so it’s been around 840 years. And it leans one-twentieth of an inch every year.

Although they’re predicting that it’s going to fall at some time in the future, they have done a great job of fixing the foundations that should stop a complete tumble.

Strong foundations are vital!
incidentally, the word Pisa means ‘marsh’ or ‘marshy ground.’ So if there’s any indication as to why the tower has been leaning, it’s got very unstable foundations.