Collective Shout

THEBUZZ (Apr 9, 2016)

  • MELBOURNE – Proliferation of sexualised and objectifying images
  • MACCLESFIELD – Boots and All
  • USA – Brains recognise the reality of God
  • LA – Celebrating the Arrival of Modern Pentecost (April 9, 1906)


All this and more in 30 minutes

 Coralie AlisonCoralie Alison throws a curveball question: ‘What will 30 minutes at a major shopping centre tell us about our pornified culture?’

Recently I headed to Chadstone Shopping Centre to catch up with some colleagues. It’s a typical large suburban store and, as I was a little early, I decided to browse while waiting for my friends.

Overwhelming sexualised proliferation!
I had expected to see the odd front window or billboard using the same old tired exploitation of women, but the proliferation of sexualised and objectifying images right throughout the centre was quite overwhelming. (more…)


Collective Shout
coralieKoorong Blackburn’s Coralie Casey, regarded by many as a valuable employee, colleague and friend, leaves her busy Store Manager/ Relationship Development Manager dual role next month to join Collective Shout, a not-for-profit organisation that campaigns against the objectification of women and sexualisation of girls in popular culture. (more…)