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(July 7, 2018) Robert and Maureen McQuillan share  some personal matters…

Noticed that our granddaughter, Bonnie-Jane Phillips, whom we married to Matthew Hoseini, a great young man three weeks ago, had happily Facebooked the following: ‘21 days ago I married my best friend! Cannot believe how quickly the time has gone by already.’

We’d Facebooked back: ‘Cute, cute. Only 21 days? Just wait until it’s 20805 days plus a few extra leap years’ days – that’s about 21000 days – as it’ll be for us come July 7! Then you can really rave!’


Blissfulness: A happy Matthew and Bonnie-Jane, only 21 days married

That, and some other happenings, led to sharing the following…

Asked last Monday what we were doing this weekend, we quietly said that on Saturday (today) we’d be happily celebrating our 57th wedding anniversary, some 21000 days if we count from the moment we first met (engaged within two weeks of blissfully falling in love!) but couldn’t get married being underage and unable to immediately win parental permission. Our friend’s eyes popped open wide and she remarked she couldn’t believe it! (more…)


Ed Delph

Dr Ed Delph writes:

Now I may have a doctorate but I’m neither a medical nor a mind doctor; My area, my field, is in ministry and in encouraging leaders.

But as I encourage people to resolve issues in their lives, at times it seems that the area has become an arena, even a minefield or should I say mind-field!

One such ‘mind-field’ involves couples and is not to do with the mind, but also the heart. It’s the matter of managing conflict.

Take for example this true-to-life story of a couple trying to resolve an argument. Let’s call them Fred and Nancy. Fred tells the story… (more…)