Ebola update

Aimee HerdBreaking Christian News’ Aimee Herd emails:
Three times now, Ebola survivor Dr Kent Brantly has donated his blood to a patient suffering with the deadly disease—the latest recipient being Texas nurse, Nina Pham, who contracted Ebola from caring for Thomas Eric Duncan who died last week.

The first person who received a blood transfusion using Dr Brantly’s blood was fellow humanitarian aid doctor Nick Sacra, who has recovered from Ebola and been released from the hospital. (more…)


Crisis Response International (CRI) update


Founder/director Sean Malone reports that CRí Relief Operations continue in Iraq: Our team has recently located a large group of Yazidi refugees who escaped the genocide in the Mt Sinjar region, perpetrated by ISIS. We are currently meeting basic needs and distributing relief supplies to them. Thanks to Samaritan’s Purse, we also were able to give over 4000 pairs of shoes to victims who had traveled for weeks on foot to save their lives.

CRí now has the ability to distribute thousands of copies of the Bible to refugees, as we also continue to meet other life sustaining needs. In addition, our teams have ministered and provided medical care to Kurdish forces on the front lines who are fighting to push back ISIS and keep refugees safe. (more…)