Jim McClureDr Jim McClure, noted theologian, with genuine concern highlights an important and timely subject:

As the issues of ‘gay marriage’ and ‘LGBT rights’ are occupying so much news media space, homosexuality and its associated sexual abnormalities are actively promoted in movies and television shows, and celebrities, sports personalities and politicians are rushing to show how broadminded, compassionate and ‘up to date’ they are. Some Christians are being made to feel that perhaps they too should jump on this bandwagon.

But should they? Has the Christian position that has held fast for 2000 years been wrong? Is it time for a ‘Christianity makeover’ that will bring it more into the 21st century and be more relevant to these days? (more…)


Jim McClureQuestion: Should we, as Christians, change what we believe and the values we have been taught to make Christianity more appealing and relevant to people today?

Dr Jim McClure, noted theologian, responds:
We are living in a rapidly changing world in which nothing remains untouched. In many ways change can be a good thing – but not always.



In this bubbling cauldron of change the Christian faith is being stridently opposed, maligned and marginalised in a way that has not been seen in centuries.