(March 05, 2022) Dr Jim McClure, noted theologian, shares a concern about Christians’ attitudes …

These are certainly very difficult days for Christians as we seek to comply with political requirements and changing social and moral values which, at times, may appear to violate our Christian convictions.

And how Satan can use this confusion to His advantage!

Difficult decisions
During these past two years this has been brought into focus as we have considered our response to some of the political requirements and medical recommendations relating to the coronavirus.

Church leaders frequently have been faced the task of trying to determine the right course of action to take. Concerning attending worship services at church they had three main choices…

(1) Close their churches until the pandemic is over,

(2) Keep their churches open to all and possibly spread the virus, or

(3) Compromise by having a service for the vaccinated and another for the unvaccinated. 

I don’t believe that the solution to this problem is easy. Church leaders, with a good conscience, have often chosen different routes. 



(August 26, 2021) Maureen McQuillan reflects…

Sounds quite a mouthful of a title! But allow me to lead up to something I consider very important…

What a joy pre-lockdown when our darling granddaughter, Bonnie-Jane Hoseini would pop round with our precious little great-granddaughter, Avaleigh Grace.

It was great to catch up and see how quickly she is growing and developing.

Now five months old, Avaleigh is at the grabbing stage… spoons, whatever. Last time I saw her, as I held her in my arms, after a high-five (yes, a high-five!) she reached out and grabbed my left hoop earring.

Mesmerised with the bright gold colour, she was endeavouring to get it off!

Jezebel shock
Yes, it was fun. But it reminded me of a confronting incident that happened many, many years ago that wasn’t funny.

Let me share something personal here…

We happened to find a recent YouTube Sunday service of the church back home in Northern Ireland that I attended for years when I was young.