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(March 02, 2021) Carol Round reminds us that this world is not our home…

Social media has created a world where people can publicly and shamelessly promote themselves. From U-Tube videos to live-streaming on Facebook, many seek significance in a broken world. And it’s not just celebrities.

Watching young people constantly posting selfies breaks my heart. I understand their struggles, including feelings of worthlessness. They want to know they’re loved, wanted, and needed. They’re searching for significance.

Seeking to be known, people often choose paths that lead to self-destruction. Today, where more connections are made online than ever before, they mistakenly choose the world’s way of pursuing success and fame.

Worldly success and fame doesn’t lead to lasting significance
Have you ever considered how Adam and Eve could fall for the devil’s lies and disobey God?

I mean, they lived in a beautiful garden. Eden. A perfect place. They had dominion over it. How’s that for significance?

Even though they enjoyed God’s presence in paradise, maybe they hadn’t yet grasped the significance of their status. Although it wasn’t part of God’s plan, he had no intention of being thwarted by human sin.

As sinful humans, we’re tempted by the world to seek riches, power, or prestige. But those things never satisfy. They’re superficial. (more…)