Mark 14:33


(November 15, 2022) Richard Winter suggests we reflect on some numbers…

Numbers? Why numbers, you wonder? Well, numbers come up in life in general, don’t they?

  • Grades at school.
  • Dollars in the bank.
  • Your FICO score.
  • KPL in your car.
  • Your age.

Numbers are even important to us in our relationships. Relationships with people and institutions; who loves us, cares for us;  who we can rely on and trust; how many really ‘follow’ us on Facebook, Instagram, and such.

In reflecting about numbers, think also of these ones – the world population is now about 8 billion and is still growing year by year. Of this number, sadly not even 10% are saved, Bible-believing Christians!

  • And among those millions of true Christians, here’s another sad reflection… the varying degrees of intimacy and closeness with the Lord!

The number of Christians who have failed to develop an intimate relationship with their Lord, read their Bibles, know and trust God’s word, and to reach out to unsaved friends, neighbours and contacts sharing their testimony and the gospel is shameful!