Matthew 5:8 MSG


(September 11, 2022) Carol Round encourages us to think of others…

Recently I came across an article titled, 10 Of the Most Unexpectedly Powerful Things in The World. Scanning the article, I was amazed at the information provided by the author.

Evidentally some of the most powerful things in the world are related to the animal kingdom.

And on a mission trip to Costa Rica several years ago, I was to experience one of the most powerful things in the animal kingdom.

Watching ants marching in a line across the dry soil, I was astonished to see each one toting a leaf on their backs. Later, I learned they are called leafcutter ants. These ants can lift up to 50 times their body weight, which – according to this article is the equivalent of a human casually lifting a truck!

I’m convinced, however, that love is the most powerful thing in the world. Not the love of romance novels and movies, but the kind of love that led Jesus to surrender to a bloody death on a wooden cross. It’s called agape love.