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January 22, 2023) Michael Ashcraft shares another amazing conversation.

To combat depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts, Eden Frenkel delved into personal development, self-actualisation, Buddhism, meditation, Hinduism and the mystical interpretation within Judaism known as Kabbalah.

‘To be honest, I enjoyed the process of studying those cultures, but they were very temporary fulfillments,’ the Jewish born singer said on her YouTube channel, Graves into Gardens. ‘I constantly needed to go back and search for more. They didn’t fill the emptiness. I was looking for peace and happiness.’

Praying longingly
As a 12-year-old in the synagogue, she stayed before the ark and prayed longingly to God after everyone had left and gone to eat.

‘God, I know there is something,’ she uttered. ‘I don’t understand. I feel like there is something  i feel like there’s something us.’

Eden had a proclivity for music but joined the Canadian Army as a career. In addition to seeking peace from religion, she sought peace from psychedelics. She had suffered some abuse as a child, she says, and sought in vain to resolve the trauma.

When she got stationed in Toronto, she met some Christian women who were extremely friendly and they invited her to study the Bible. Why not? she thought, since she had studied so many other religions.

What she found out about Jesus startled her.