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(February 20, 2022) Michael Ashcraft shares a romantic-centred good news testimony…

For 13 months, Isaiah Trujillo was vomiting every day, as he battled stage 4 cancer with chemotherapy. Sometimes all his wife Amanda could do was rub his back – and stay by his side.

‘It was worth it. It’s what God had for us. I knew that God had more for us,’ she says.

Believing in their marriage vows
At a time when marriage is grounds for divorce, some Christian couples – like the Trujillos – still hold marriage as sacred. Their vows ‘to death do us part,’ they take seriously. Meanwhile worldly marriages are built on the proverbial sand that the flood waters buffet and break down.

‘We definitely questioned why we were going through that,’ says Amanda. The two-year ordeal is finally over. Isaiah just was declared cancer-free and the port in his chest is being removed. ‘You have this idea that if you serve God and do what’s right and do the will of God that you live in a bubble and nothing will touch you and you’re safe. That’s just not true.’