Muslim nother converted


April 13, 2021, Morning Star News reports…

Sources tell of a mother of seven children in eastern Uganda suffered serious wounds and is cut off from her family after her husband and other Muslim relatives attacked her on Easter Sunday for putting her faith in Christ.

Salimati Naibira, 37, of Bukoba B village, lost consciousness after her husband cut her with a dagger known as a Somali sword in the thigh and back on April 4 as she attended a worship service for the first time in the area, she said. She had converted from Islam to Christianity three days prior to Easter.

She said she was on her way to the church service when she met her brother-in-law, Ahirafu Kowa, who asked her where she was going. He likely became suspicious after Salimati told him she was going to visit a friend, she said. One hour into the worship service, she saw through a window that her husband and other relatives were approaching.

Somali sword attack
‘I saw my husband, Ayubu Kairu, and some family members enter the church gate shouting “Allah Akbar (jihadist slogan ‘God is greater’),”’ she told MSN. The church members took off from church worship to save their lives.’