Pedro de Quiros


(January 24, 2020) Robert McQuillan encourages continued prayer and caring for Australia in this time of need …

The bushfires ravaging our nation, the total devastation of towns, businesses, homes and forests; the loss of livestock and nature’s animals – and sadly some lives including brave firefighters, two from the States – has seen Australia foremost in the news recently and even declared a war zone.

In short, Australia is currently in great need! And I’m reminded of Psalm 136, that psalm that rings loudly of God’s unceasingly love. Verse 25 (Message) declares: ‘[God] Takes care of everyone in time of need. His love never quits!’ That’s so precious, so reassuring to those who trust in God.

Worldwide caring prayer
It’s been great to hear from friends overseas sincerely enquiring about our safety – and we can advise that we’re not in the fire danger areas. Their caring becomes even more precious when they say that they’re praying and caring not just for us only but for our nation, that the bad news on TV has touched their hearts! (more…)